Easter Island (or Rapa-Nui) Part IV

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This is the last part of my story about Rapa-Nui.. I This chapter i will describe civilizations end... (with Video)

The disappearance of Rapa Nui civilization

Part I, Introduction and settlement
Part II, Civilian wars
Part III, Culture and economics

When the island in the XVIII century the first Europeans landed, Rapa Nui was a treeless landscape. A small number of trees grown only at the very bottom crater of an extinct volcano Rano Kao. Nevertheless, recent research on the island, including the study found pollen samples indicate that in the distant past, during the colonization Rapa Nui, Easter Island was covered with thick vegetation, including vast tracts of forest. With increasing population, these forests were cut down, and liberated the land immediately planted crop plants. In addition, wood used as fuel, material for building houses, canoes for fishing, as well as for transfer of huge statues of the island, or moai. As a result, approximately 1600 on the island were completely destroyed forests. By this time construction is ending moai.

The disappearance of the island of trees severely affected the life of the islanders and the ecology of Easter Island. The population was forced to settle in the caves of Rapa Nui, or to build unsafe houses from reeds. Suffered and fisheries, including the construction was stopped canoe out of wood, netting of mulberry, which was also destroyed. The disappearance of forest cover led to severe soil erosion, resulting in reduced yields. The only source of meat in the island have become chickens, which were highly honored and protected from thieves (they were built special stone cages). In connection with the catastrophic changes in the Rapa Nui began decreasing population. When in 1600 Rapa Nui society gradually began to deteriorate. There were changes in the social life of the islanders, the increased animosity between the various tribes of the island, who fought over scarce resources Rapa Nui (mainly manifested in the destruction of axy opposite clan or stall moai), there was a slavery, cannibalism began to flourish.


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