Easter Island (or Rapa-Nui) Part III

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As other civilizations Rapa-Nui have their own culture and specific economy. In this part I will describe their culture.

Culture of ancient Rapa Nui

Easter Island - a treeless island from barren volcanic soil. In the past, as now, the slopes of volcanoes were used for cultivation of gardens and banana. According to the legends of the Rapa Nui, plants how (Latin Triumfeta semitriloba), Maricourt (Sapindus saponaria), shortfin mako (Thespesia populnea) and sandalwood were brought King Jota-Matu'a, sailed to the island with a mysterious homeland Marae-Rengo (born Marae-renga). It really could happen, because Polynesians, occupying new lands, bringing with them the seeds of plants that had practical importance.

The ancient Rapa Nui are very well versed in agriculture. Therefore it is the island could feed several thousand people.

One of the problems the island has always been a shortage of fresh water. On Rapa Nui no deep rivers, and water after rains easily seeps through the soil and flows toward the ocean. Rapa Nui erect a small wells, fresh water mixed with salt, and sometimes just drank salt water.

The waters around Easter Island, replete with fish, especially in the rocks of the island Motu Nui (a small island to the south-west of Rapa Nui), where a large number of nesting seabirds. The fish was a favorite food of the ancient Rapa Nui, and in the winter months was set to its taboo catch. Easter Island in the past used a lot of fish hooks. Some of them were made of human bones, they were called Mangan iwi (rap. mangai ivi), others - from stone, they were called Mangan Kahi (rap. mangai kahi) and mainly used to catch tuna. Hooks made of polished stone were only a privileged people who called tangata manu (rap. tangata manu). After the death of the owner, they were placed in his grave. The very existence of fishing hooks speaks of the development drevnerapanuyskoy civilization, because the technique of polishing stone is quite complex, as well as the achievement of smooth forms. Often the fish hooks were made of bones enemy. According beliefs Rapa Nui, as fisherman passed mana (rap. mana) of the deceased person, that is its strength.

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