Easter Island (or Rapa-Nui) Part II

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As in the most civilizations always will be one man or more which don't follow the leader...

"Long-eared" and "Short-eared"

Before the Europeans arrived on the island lived two different people - Khan-eepe, or "long-eared" (they were elongated ears), which dominated and had a distinct culture, writing system, built moai, and Khan-Momoko, and "Short-eared", a subordinate position.

According to the Rapa Nui legends collected Sebastian Englert, Hanau-eepe sailed to Easter Island during the reign of Ariki Tu'u Ko Iho. Settling in Hanga Nui Peninsula Poike, they subsequently settled the eastern part of the island and volcano Rano Kao became the boundary between the two nations. Sailed to Rapa Nui, without women,
representatives of khan-eepe married Khan, spokeswoman Momoko.

First, "long-eared" lived in peace with the "Short-eared", but because of the increase in the number of Hanau-eepe, higher culture, they subsequently subjected representatives Hanau-Momoko, than abhorrence of the latter.

One Hanau-eepe ordered Khan-Momoko to throw into the sea all the stones on the island: they wanted to recapture the water part of the land. However, "Short-eared" refused to do so, citing the fact that the island was opened Jota-Matu'a who was khan-Momoko, which means that the entire Rapa Nui belonged to them. "Long-eared" very angry. Thus began a war between two tribes.

Representatives of Hanau-eepe developed a detailed plan of how to defeat their enemies. They dug a huge ditch on Te-Hakarava to Mahatua and threw logs. "Long-eared" intended to make a trap enemies, throw them into a pit and burn it. However, among the khan eepe was representative Khan, Momoko named Moko Pinge'i, who lived and worked Poike cook at "long-eared". Learning of the plan khan eepe, she told her relatives, so Khan, Momoko decided to deceive themselves "long-eared, bypassing obstacles across the sea. This was done. As a result, Hanau-eepe were burned. Saved only two of which Khan, Momoko decided not to kill, and release. Subsequently, one of them yet, was killed and another was married to one of the representatives of "Short-eared".

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