Easter Island (or Rapa-Nui) Part I

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This is a description and story of the civilization which is so close to our.. Civilization, which taught people a lesson.


Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) - one of the most remote inhabited islands in the world, thanks largely to the isolation history of Rapa Nui is unique. There are many scientific hypotheses and conjectures about the time of check-Rapa Nui race residents, causes the death of a unique civilization, representatives of which were constructed huge stone statues (Moai) and knew the alphabet (rongorongo), which has not yet been deciphered by linguists. Since its discovery in 1722 by Dutch explorer Jacob Roggevenom and appearance of the first Catholic missionaries brought about radical changes in the life of the Rapa Nui: forgotten existed in the past, hierarchical relationships, discontinued the practice of cannibalism. In the middle of the XIX century, locals have been the object of the slave trade, which killed most of the Rapa Nui, and with them lose many of the elements of the unique local culture.

Legend of the settlement of the island

According to the legends of the ancient Rapa Nui, collected Sebastian Englert, Easter Island came through the giant Uoke that his staff has destroyed a large country, comparable to Khiva (Polynesian name of the Marquesas Islands). Very first settlers of Rapa Nui were Vake Ngata and Te Ohira. They landed on the island next to the borough Te Rotomea and stopped at Wai-Marama (the name of a small lake near Mataveri). Uoke again started to destroy the island, and to stop the giant, T Ohira, read the incantation, after which the staff Uoke broke, and the island was saved.

Part II, Civilian Wars
Part III, Culture and economics
Part IV, Civilization's end


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