Dunn's River Falls, the Soul of Ocho Rios

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No trip to Jamaica would be complete without a visit to Dunn's River Falls.

When you think of Jamaica, Dunn's River Falls should come to mind.

When you imagine Jamaica, what comes to mind? Palm-lined tropical beaches? A fruity cocktail in hand? For many, it is also the scene of cascading waterfalls with a string of people leading each other hand in hand to the top. Welcome to Dunn's River Falls. If the setting looks a bit familiar, it is for good reason. James Bond fans will remember the scene from Dr. No where Sean Connery meets the beautiful Ursula Andress on the beach at these very falls. For those who are too young to remember 007 on location, the setting may also look familiar from the movie "Cocktail", where Tom Cruise and Elizabeth Shue share a romantic encounter.
The actual falls are formed from an underground spring and are composed of travertine. This composition is the same process that creates stalactites in caves. Under the right conditions, the calcium deposits in the water can build up when water from an underground spring emerges to form a waterfall. While there are many travertine falls in the world, Dunn's River Falls is one of the few that flow directly into the sea.

The water itself, while not cold as you may expect, is refreshingly cool nevertheless.

Located just outside of Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Dunn's River Falls is easily accessed by taxi or charter bus, which can be booked from the local hotels or cruise ships. Before going, it is recommended that you purchase a waterproof camera. Any climbing the falls will necessitate this and you don't want to walk away without capturing the memories. You will also need a pair of water shoes, for obvious reasons. Ascending the falls barefoot is not recommended and it may even be prohibited.
A guide will take you with a group of people, starting near the base of the falls, and lead you upward. The water itself, while not cold as you may expect, is refreshingly cool nevertheless. You will follow, sometimes hand in hand, in a single file line across smooth rocks and shallow tide pools. At one point, your guide may even show you a small natural water slide.

The Climb is quite enjoyable, but it is not for everyone.

The climb, while not strenuous, should be avoided by pregnant people, those with recent broken bones, or back injuries. In other words, if it is recommended that you not ride an amusement park roller coaster, you should probably also avoid climbing Dunn’s River Falls. Otherwise, the climb is something that you would not want to miss. Once you reach the top, a paved pathway leads you down to the beach, where you can also enjoy the splendid Caribbean Sea for which Jamaica is so famous.

Your trip to Dunn’s River Falls will provide you with a lifetime of memories.

You will encounter a myriad of vendors along the way to the beach who are selling various hand-made items. These are sure to make excellent souvenirs from your trip to the islands. Although they are willing to haggle over prices, be forewarned: they can be quite persistent. If you have no intention of buying anything, do not stop to talk to them or make eye contact. Over all, though, you will not have any trouble over a mild inconvenience. If you wish to avoid any hassle, you can always say, “Ya nyet govoryu pa anglaiki” and hope they do not know Russian.
Your trip to Dunn’s River Falls will provide you with a lifetime of memories. It is one stop in Jamaica that should not be missed.

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