Dudhsagar Waterfall trip in Goa - Photos

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In a wonderful country called India, many of our compatriots dream to go, and many, having left their fathers houses and apartments in the capital, have already successfully moved to the west coast of this fertile country, namely, the state of Goa. So they live there, renting their own housing, and plunging into the white sand of the beaches and bright coastal greens ...

Tour of "Milk of ocean"

This grandiose waterfall got its own name, more connected with the legend than with the real state of things. It is called Dudhsagar, which means "milk of ocean". The water in Dudhsagar is milky white, although it only falls and rolls along a steep slope.

Story behind Dudhsagar Falls

According to legend, it was in this lake that the beautiful, moon-faced and black-eyed daughter of a famous and rich King loved to bathe. Naturally, she bathed, usually naked, because the passers-by were really incredible (it's very difficult to get here, and not for anything). However, one day the princess was unlucky, and a young man was walking by, collecting firewood for sale in the mountains. To the young man did not see her nakedness, the girl overturned a jug of milk for breakfast, and the water concealed all its charms. Since then, supposedly, this water has acquired a milky color.

How to get there ?

It's not easy to get here, but it's definitely worth a visit. Best of all, go from Kohlema, where there are pretty decent hotels. Closer than human habitation, where would you be taken for the night, no. Dudhsagar is located on the territory of the reserve, with a poetic name, breathing India - Bhagwan Mahavir. Here you can not stay for long, although if you put a tent, the local for a couple of rupees will go to the "official crime" and allow you to stay, provided that you do not litter.

Tour of Spice Plantation

Wet, already full of impressions and hungry, we headed for the spices plantation In fact, on this day we were waiting for a standard program, offered to all tourists in any agency. But in peace and quiet it was good. Why quiet and calm? The others just did not have time to be grouped by their cumbersome tourist buses! So, at the entrance to the plantation there was even a feeling that we were long-awaited guests.

Check Official Website of Dudhsagar Waterfall Trip

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Jan 2018 (#)

You can drive down or take a train out there. There is a lodge and a resort where you can spend the night at and travel out there early morning by buses.
Now, it is a good place to find lots of orchids and they grow wild on the side of the road.
Know this as I have been there.
The route taken by road and the train are more or less similar. Its a beautiful winding drive and used to be my regular route at one point in time.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
2nd Jan 2018 (#)

The actual waterfall is the craze not the aftermath flow....

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