Driving a 1948 Plymouth to Canada

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Since neither one of us had been any where outside our own little area, we decide to take a trip to Canada. we were driving my car that i had just souped up the engine in, so it ran perfectly.

Starting out on our adventure.

My friend Phil and I decided to take to Canada, since neither one of us had been there. At that time there had been no terrorist attacks and things were peaceful like they should be, so to get into Canada all we had to do was to show our drivers licenses as id. We weren't going on world tour just looking around, we took our cameras and plenty of film because we liked to take pictures of where we had been.

We left home at Grass Valley, California and drove to Seattle Washington, on the way we stopped at Shasta Dam which is located at the north end of the Sacramento Valley and took a tour of the generating plant, it has 6 water turbine generators that supply power to most of northern California. It is a massive thing if you ever get a chance go and take the tour.

We were driving my 1948 Plymouth Coupe, it was not a pretty car but very functional. The original color of it had been maroon, but it had been polished and washed until the paint was gone from any flat surface, but you could still see the color on the sides of the car. The interior had been well taken care of as the upholstery was clean and with out holes.

We stayed at a motel In Victoria B. C.

From Seattle we took the ferry to Vancouver, British Columbia, where we stayed overnight in the capitol city of Victoria, and while there we visited Buchardt Gardens and some other tourist attractions then drove up the island to take the ferry back to the mainland. While on the ferry which is really an ocean going ship, Phil wanted to see the engines of the ship. We got admitted to the engine room with out too much trouble and the engineer let us touch the crankshaft while the engine was running, he told us that's how they check the bearings to make sure they aren't overheating, you have to have good coordination to touch it, the engines were huge and were powered by steam. When we docked then we headed for the United States where we entered at north Idaho.

The Plymouth preformed just like a new car, since I had just done a complete over haul on the engine. The performance of the original flat head six was a little lacking since Plymouth had been using that engine design since 1937. I did some major hot rod work on it, there isn't many parts available for a 1948 Plymouth, so here is what I did, the Dodge engine is a little larger than the Plymouth,so I bought a set of Dodge pistons and had the Plymouth cylinders bored to fit.

The next operation was to make it breath better since with the bigger pistons it needed more air, so we ported and relieved it. The to get the addition power I wanted I had the head milled (cut down) a few thousandths to give it extra compression, and therefor more power. That all worked in conjunction with the hi-lift cam I installed at the same time.
At that time we weren't too worried about gas mileage as premium was only .32 cents a gallon.

Back in the U.S.A and heading for home.

HERE IS A LINK TO FOLLOW; HTTP://GOO.GL/MAPS/UHDd then read the next paragraph.
We crossed the border back into the United States and continued on down Highway 95, going through some of the most beautiful country in the U.S.A., places such as Sandpoint , Kooteni, Post Falls and Cour'dalene before we came to the famous White Bird grade, it is one of the steepest crookedest roads anywhere around. Phil challenged me to a race, he wanted to walk to the bottom of the hill and said he would beat me to the bottom even though I was driving the car. So he took off walking and went straight down the hill and I had to drive on the road. Well, he beat me and if you follow the attached link you will see why.

We stopped at the town of White Bird, Idaho for lunch, population 91, and then continued on south on Highway 95. Then we headed back home to Grass Valley.


Ferry To Bc, Idaho, Seattle, Sh Asta Dam, Washington, White Bird

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