Does the Carnival Triumph Have a Ghost On Board?

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Sometimes strange things happen and how we handle it may be more important than questioning the event itself. Learn some great ideas about life.

Does the Carnival Triumph Have a Ghost On Board?

The Carnival Triumph was stranded at sea in February 2013 after a fire in the engine room halted the happy cruise. For five days the passengers had an extended vacation that was not the original pleasant idea. I truly believe cruising is great and Carnival is a great cruise line. However, let’s look at the facts and examine what this Triumph thing might really mean.

The Good Life or The Bad Life?

Reports from the passengers were mixed about their experience on the Carnival Triumph. Just like in life, some folks look at the good side and others seek out negative stuff. I heard on the news about groups that had bible studies and were excited about making new friends. Other individuals spent all their time complaining and being miserable.

I watched people leave the ship after it was pulled into the port at Mobile Alabama. Flipping back and forth between CNN and Fox News gave me insight into both people and the news. You choose what news to watch and what kind of life to have. There were happy people excited to be alive and looking forward to a hot shower and seeing home again. However, some came off the ship searching for a lawyer and seeking revenge for pain.

Does The Triumph Ghost Exist?

Some weird things have happened to the Carnival Triumph passengers. Some of them had their bus break down after they left that cruise ship. What are the chances of that happening? Some other passengers had their plane not be working properly and it was delayed for repairs after they got off the bus.

Now that is truly weird beyond comprehension. A select few got off a cruise ship that quit working, got on a bus that broke down, were transferred to a bus that got them to the airport, and then got on a plane that had a problem.

You would think this to be the last of the weird stories but in April of 2013 this Carnival Triumph cruise ship drifted away from the dock and mysteriously crashed into a boat. A strong wind usually does not cause that. Makes you wonder if strange things may happen for years on this cruise ship.

Run the Ghosts Out of Your Life

Whether you believe in ghosts or not strange things happen. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people. Ashes of those cremated are spread into the ocean. Miracle recoveries from accidents or sickness bring renewed life to some lucky people to escape death.

Whether you chose to step onto a cruise ship or sacred ground will not drastically change your life. What is important is how we handle the good, the bad, or even the ugly. Learning how to handle life with a positive attitude is important. It might even make the ghosts disappear from your life.


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author avatar darkeraven
11th Jun 2014 (#)

I don't really mind as long as the ghost fills out the proper job application forms and goes through the hoops like the rest of us looking for a job with Carnival Cruises. Damn hippie ghost, being dead and probably tormented is no excuse for not getting in line for work like the rest of us.

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author avatar snerfu
16th Jun 2014 (#)

True believers have a stronger notion about life. It is in these kind of strange encounters that we find out which way God wants us to go. Nice article Mr Harbin.

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