Do I really sound that funny??

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Hi there, I'm Brenda from Canada "eh". This one's aboot accents.

Standing out in "Nah Zeelun"

It's strange living in a new country and standing out. I used to work with a girl from South Africa and we'd tease her when she said something different or said it in an unusual way. We'd tease her constantly and she'd just take it, giggle and carry on! What a great sport.
I'll never tease her again.
Before we left Canada to travel to New Zealand we told everyone we were going to practice our New Zealand accents and we'd say things like, "We're going to Nah Zeelun to eat some fush and chups. Isn't that Ohsome"?
Little did we know the tables would turn and WE were the ones that sounded funny. Man! Every day I am reminded of how funny I sound!
Has someone figured this one out yet!?
So, I say to-may-tos which rhymes with potatos! Not to-mah-toes! I've been told I say "eh" ALL THE TIME! I don't think I say it as much when I'm home. New Zealand is bringing out the true canuck in me. I caught myself the other day actually saying "abooot"! So embarrassing. Once, an american tourist had me say, "a boot", "about", and "a boat". That was just mean! Aboot, aboot, aboot.! Flat whites, long blacks - those are easy to say but what the hell is a mohccachino? Apparently it's not a mocca although as a barista that's exactly what I make anyway. I'm just saying it wrong....again!
One word we do share is "stoked". Not sure if we use it in the same context though and where the word even came from. Did the Canadian's, especially those from BC, steal it from the Kiwi's? I thought it was our word! I'm stoked to find out. Maybe I'll google it.
I'm slowly being Kiwi-ized and find myself saying "sweet as" and buying chups from the two four. I'm sussing things out, getting "take away" and wearing my "jandals" but that accent of mine gives it all away, eh. Apparently I'm here to give all you Kiwi's a good laugh!


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author avatar David Reinstein,LCSW
6th May 2012 (#)

I was a child in Boston where people "Pahk thah cah" and when relationships end, they get "Theyah hahts" broken. I lived through and past it but my family (and old friends) still speak that way :-}

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author avatar Stucer
7th May 2012 (#)

Ha! That's fantastic. A Boston accent is a great one!

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