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Broken Hill: My dog and I would like to welcome you to our home town. We would like to start with the Zinc Lakes - lets go walking.

Welcome to Broken Hill

Broken Hill can be found in New South Wales Australia and is 48klms from the South Australian Border.

The towns' population is currently approximately 18,000 people. Our biggest industry is Mining and is the birthplace of BHP. Broken Hill is on the edge of the desert.

Hope you enjoy my hometown! Let's get go for a walk around the Zinc Lakes!

The Zinc Lakes Entrance

Today Frenzal and I will take you for a walk around the Albert Morris Plantation and the Zinc Lakes.

The photo shows you the entrance to this great parkland.

Let's go in!

Duck Attack

After going through the gates you will be greeted by a mass of ducks wanting a feed. They love dried bread and most people know to bring it with them. It's ok if you don't as they don't bite and are more frightened of you than you are of them.

In the background you can see a great water fountain in the middle of the lake which always looks lovely.


The Grass and Lake

After being attacked by the ducks you walk around to the side of the lake and enjoy how soft the grass is underfoot.

There is lighting all around the water and at certain spots over the park.

There is no swimming allowed in this man-made lake.

Children's Playground

Looking away from the water you will see this lovely children's play area.

The play area is great for all ages and there is plenty of grass for parents to sit and watch.

This has been upgraded over the years from the old fashioned metal swings and slippery dip to this lovely modern equipment.

Majestic Bridge

Just around the corner and back toward the water what a beautiful site.

This lovely site is an old wooden bridge.

There would have been an unbelievable number of people who have followed the bridge to the other side.

The bridge is also a great place to having wedding photos.

.How beautiful.

Natures' Vegetation

Moving further down the right hand side of the park you come to the vegetation over these small hills.

Many picnic blankets have been spread over this greenery taking advantage of the shade of the lovely trees.

Almost Half Way

As you go a little further past the bridge you will be able to see the half way mark and then it will be time to round the end of the lake.

You will find the lawn is not quite a thick around this section but it still looks great.

Half Way

You are now at the end of the beautiful lake and it’s time for you to go around the end and make your way back.

In the distance you can see the Perilya mining company.

Hard to believe this peaceful place is surrounded by a mine.

Boat Ramp

As you come around the end of the lake you will find an old boat ramp one of two you will find around the lake.

There is no swimming in the beautiful lake.

The other side of the fence

On the other side of the fence you will see many Perilya trucks.

Just keep walking down the far side of the lake.

Lovely soft grass

Lots of lovely soft grass.

Most visitors tend to have their picnic on the other side of the lake away from any noise from the mine.

Still it’s a great area for a walk.

Old Ore Train

An old train which used to carry the ore from underground at the mine.

A reminder of how things use to be.

Turn around and enjoy

At this moment of our walk turn around and enjoy the view of where you have just walked.

Just lovely!

Lovely Trees

The bridge looks lovely from all sides.

You will find many more trees in this section all showing their lovely foliage.

Almost Back

The lawn is still green although we did find this dirt patch which is a bit muddy on the day I took the photo.

Home: Back to the Car

We can now see the front fence of this great park.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk around our Zinc Lakes Park here in Broken Hill Australia.

Come and join Frenzal and I on our next adventure.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Mar 2014 (#)

Looks like a charming place.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
29th Mar 2014 (#)

Looks like a charming place.

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