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This is in regards to mother nature who always lets us know she has more power than any of us.

Eruptions of a lifetime!

As I am writing I'm awaiting the release of the movie Pompeii in movie theaters across the country. Pompeii was a city in Italy named for Caesar's most famous adversary 3,00 years ago another general who went by the name Pompeii. This city sat at sea level down from Mt. Vesuvius an active volcano to this very dayon the Italian peninsula. There have ben all kinds of previous movies about this same disaster flick and I can't say I'm not looking forward to this one. It was particulary destructive and revolved around of course a doomed love story the basis of alot of great stories to follow it. Romeo an Juliet, Hamlet and so forth. Now Mt. Merapi in the South Pacific spews up ash into the atmosphere that blackens cities and villages all across Indonesia every once and awhile. Indonesia's volcanic ring has been a hot spot for earthquakes which spawned tsunami’s in the past few years. Does this mean our scientist’s will finally wake up and push for a greener more eco-friendly earth? I doubt this seriously. The demand for technology is greater than the push to try to make it safer to get out of the ground.This is what the BP oil incident in the gulf and Chilean mine saga incidents have illustrated to us. Our world is indeed becoming a smaller place. What I think all these natural disasters is telling us is that mother nature may be angry and sending us a message. She is not only causing the earth to swallow up thousands of people at one time but she is shifting weather patterns so violently that people who normally get tornadoes like out midwest are now getting them in droves. These events have come so frequently and been so unprecedented in the amount of damage thy've caused it is givng insurance companies pause everywhere. Flooding practically put the town of Franklin, VA underwater when Hurricane Isabel came ashore in 2003. That town is only a hop, skip, and a jump from where I live. Not to mention how the air is not cooling now that it’s November enough to kill off a lot of bugs. That makes the bug infestation just that much worse in the spring time. How can I turn back the clock because I don’t think they’ll be able to event some way to clean up all the man made pollution which is causing these volcanoes in the South Pacific and elsewhere to erupt. If I’m not mistaken that same line of volcanoes stretches all the way to the U.S. Pacific northwest to Mt. St. Helens up in the state of Washngton.If that goes off again and she's been spewing up lately herself there's really going to be a series of roundtable talks about the environment. I just hope we don’t have to wait around much longer to take these threats seriously. That movie The Day After Tomorrow with a seemingly biblical like end of the world weather pattern that formed really shook me because its what's happening jst not all at once.

Read more: http://scienceray.com/earth-sciences/mt-merapis-eruptions/#ixzz2svboU36O


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