Dangerous Beauty

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First-hand highlights of the beauty and ambience of those unexpected storms that seem to rise out of nowhere on a Great Lakes summer day.

A Vignette Of Lake Michigan’s Moods During A Summer Storm, Moment By Moment

I’ve been here at the beach since early morning for the very reason a lot of people don’t come here - to enjoy a cool breeze, an overcast day, and to watch an impending storm come in off the Lake. I’m no fair weather friend to this “inland sea”, but often sit by her side on days when she is moody, temperamental, and really wants to bare her soul. And this promises to be such a day.

Already bolts of lightening threaten to tear apart the steely blue-gray clouds. Yet for now the rain falls gently while the distant approaching thunder sings in a rumbling baritone. It is almost comical to watch the little fishing boats scurry north across the increasingly churning gray green water, almost as if they are racing with one another as they head north towards the channel between the piers where the lighthouses stand tall. Clearly their fishing adventures for the day have been curtailed by this unexpected storm heading east across the Lake. This was not in the weather forecast. Such are storms in these parts - fast moving, unpredictable, and potentially dangerous.

A family under the shelter of a nearby gazebo scampers to gather children who have run off to the other end of the beach in pursuit of adventure, as well as paper plates and other picnic supplies scattered about as the winds gather momentum. The water and the sky darken as both thunder and lightening bring their meterological song and dance routine closer to shore. The clouds, pregnant and due to deliver their flash flood, burst forth, as the children, with their tea shirts and shorts soaked to the skin, scurry for shelter, where they huddle together to wait out the storm.

The ever darkening sky draws a response from the distant lighthouses on the North Pier as they begin to beam their eerie homing beacons out across the water in search of struggling seafarers. It feels almost like a premature nightfall as street lights add their part to the panorama.

One lone seagull remains to keep vigil nearby. The rest, secretive as they often are, have headed for some unknown shelter, as white caps begin to rise up on the waves dancing a torrid tango with the wind. The storm howls into a fury, but I decide that I’m going to stay right here to wait it out, even enjoy it. My little car rocks as the wind threatens to carry it off the ground.

It is then I notice the last little fishing boat heading toward the piers at a fast clip! Why would he have waited so long to head back? He must have been fishing much further south along the shore than the others. The little craft literally leaps between the waves of a churning sea. This is not a good place for him to be right now, plowing through heavy rain with the lightening right overhead. In thought I wish him well. His greatest challenge is yet ahead of him when he’ll have to navigate his little craft in the channel between the two piers. There is often more turbulence there than on the open water in these storms that sometimes rise out of nowhere.

Eventually the gale passes, and a hush follows. A few rays of sunlight pierce through the clouds, and I hope that last lone fisherman is safely ashore.

I marvel at all this raw and dangerous natural beauty. The Lake smiles back as she calms herself, and the ever vigilant gulls return. Once again I breath a prayer of thanks - there is nowhere else I’d rather be.


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author avatar Songbird B
29th Jul 2011 (#)

You enchanted me with this page, Wingsofsilver! What descriptive ability you have, and your writing is a joy. I will be following your work. May I wish you a warm welcome to Wikinut, and please take no notice of the spam above, it is a problem we all have, and Wikinut are trying to sort it out. A really great page my friend..

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author avatar wingsofsilver
30th Jul 2011 (#)

Thank you so much for your kind and supportive words. It is really appreciated in the midst of all the spam.

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