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Croatia, a country that people must know and take sometime to understand how beauty is. The amazing seaside city and marvellous food.

Imaginary visit to Croatia

Imaginary Visit to Croatia

Split is a wonderful place in Croatia, last travel that a friend did was fascinating when he started to telling to the other friends that were imagining how would be the city of Split. He told them that were nice seaside town, full of enchanting people, good cuisine, culturally rich, full of vegetation and the summer temperature is very nice.
He told to them that Split is a paradise; the city is richest with archeological and historic monuments which make it seems that the travel was in long time ago and this allow you to start knowing the modern aspects of the city.
The Split is one of the oldest places in Croatia, however, from the past influence they were able to capture the essence, which brought to this people preserve the ancient building that the Romans left to them.
He was happy with people that help him fetch the best place to enjoy the others seaside towns. He brilliantly told about the modern era that makes the city prosperous with the importance of the city-port that drove the transformation of it.
Split is especially because of the approximation with Italy, you can find many people talking in Italian language, and this situation led the Split to become a tourism place for Europeans and others foreign that you can see walking in the city that is fantastic thing.
He became terrifically content to know the Split that will develop as much as possible to make the towns with easy access to all the Croatia country, the government constructed a road that link to Zagreb and the north of the country and many old industries are open their doors again.
It was really interesting to walk and keep asking the guide to show the city with houses with that red roofs, painted with clear color that make looks very friendly aspect and with nice atmosphere that make you feel like home.
The blue water city is good to have some knowledge about nautical sports, the port is perfect amazing because their devotion for it and full of boats and ships well organized, the shops near the coast, make the Splicani people of these isles of 200.000 inhabitants more gently and kind to receive its visitors with open arms.
The gregarious nature and way the love to singing but one of the most important things for Split people is the traditional game of Picign, well known in the beach of Bacvice, a singular place with a glamorous. It quite worried if you do not how to play this game, is an informal and manner if you win or not just play.
In this case, maybe the sport more important because are allowed to make mistaken as there are no winners or losers, just to make relaxed, that ´s a fantastic example of generosity because they are not expect to you to make wrong actions.
Finally, with many apologies for other girls from places, but Split has the most beautiful women and they are nicer and open mind than that he met.
The festival of the town that are dance and music, theater held, every year, from mid-July to mid-August that is sensational.
The towns from Split which are rather interesting to visit are Trogir as the best, 5km Solin historically important, the small island of solta just an hour away from the city, Rogac, Maslinica, Necujam, Stomoroska, and the larger the Supetar (Brac Island) where you can enjoy the town with a lot of ferries and catamarans. Its cuisine is good that is the incredible tasteful Dalmatian one.


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