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Cruising is a great way to get away, see the world, and have a relaxing vacation... I have been on a number of cruises so far and plan on going on more cruises in the future. There is nothing like it...

Vacation Options...

There are many options when it comes to taking that much needed vacation.

You can go someplace in the Caribbean, like Dominican Republic, and stay in an all-inclusive resort, where you will eat to your heart's content, lounge under the sun, and swim in clear waters.

You can get on a plane and travel to a country in Europe, Asia, or anywhere else in the world and spend your time there. Usually you will end up staying in only one city. And if you decide to visit other cities as well you will have to pack up all your stuff and suffer through more airplane travel just to get to your desired destinations. On top of that you will have to switch from one hotel to another. All this can be frustrating and will no doubt tire you out.

Another option is taking a cruise. It is a great and convenient way to see the world that combines sightseeing, leisure, entertainment, and fun.

The Benefits of Cruising

Cruising is a great option to choose when deciding to go on a vacation. With cruising you can wear anything you want (with the exception of a few formal/cocktail dinners), embark on sightseeing adventures, lounge under the sun, eat and drink to your heart's content, relax and rejuvenate in a spa, dance the night away, get fit, and enjoy some live entertainment (whether music or actual shows). On some cruises, that have casinos, you can even try your hand at gambling (by playing slots or at tables if they have any) and may find yourself with some extra money in your pocket. You will also get to enjoy mini-golf, rock climbing, and even ice-skating or bowling, though not all cruises may offer these activities. And if you happen to be an art enthusiast you may even walk away with some great paintings to hang up on your wall as there usually are art galleries and auctions on cruise ships.

When cruising you also get to surround yourself with the beauty of nature as you travel the high seas and vast oceans that stretch out before you. This can be very inspiring if you happen to be a photographer or a writer or poet. And you don't need to be a professional for that to happen. Even amateur photographers, writers, and poets, or those who just do it as a hobby, can still be inspired to bring to life some amazing creations and works of art.

One of the main benefits of cruising, however, is that once you check into a cruise the only time you have to check out is when your cruise is over. There is no need to constantly pack and unpack. There is no need to haul yourself to the airport and suffer through flight after flight to get to your desired destination. There is no need to take a train or a long bumpy bus ride. And there is no need to switch hotel rooms because for the duration of the flight you have only one hotel and that is your cruise ship. All the amenities you need are under one roof and you should have nothing to worry about. At the very least the stress level should be very low because pretty much everything is taken care of for you.

Types of Cruising

There are different types of cruises that you can take.

One option is to take a cruise around the Caribbean, where you will journey to a number of Caribbean islands. You will enjoy all the amenities of cruising, plus you will get to visit the beautiful beaches and swim in clear blue waters. You can even go on sightseeing tours and discover the hidden treasures that these islands have to offer.

Another option is to take a cruise around the world - for example around Europe. You will make stops in different European nations and cities, or different cities in a single country, where you will enjoy touring adventures and take lots of memorable photos. On top of that you will also get to relax and enjoy all the amenities available to you on the cruise.

A third option is to take a cruise around Hawaii, where you will visit the popular Hawaiian islands and experience and savor all the mesmerizing beauty that they have to offer without having to go from airport to airport, switch between hotels, and constantly pack and unpack.

Whichever option you choose, you are sure to have an unforgettable experience and a desire to continue cruising in the future. Before embarking on a cruise, however, you should do some research online, or ask people you know who have cruised before, and find out which cruise ship lines are the best. This way you will not end up on a cruise ship that does not meet your expectations or turns out to be horrible.

Documenting Your Cruise

When you take your cruise it is a fun and creative idea to document your getaway. You will enjoy looking back on your cruise vacation and also sharing your experiences with your friends and family. Be sure to take lots of pictures, take videos, and if you love to write, keep a travel log or journal. You may even start an online blog. And if you happen to be an artist you can even do drawings or paintings of the places you visit and the scenery you witness firsthand. Who knows, maybe someday these photos/drawings/paintings, and/or journal/blog entries will turn into published books that others will enjoy. Document your cruise through your eyes and let others see the experiences and fun adventures they may have if they take a cruise. Let others see what they may be missing.

My Cruise Experiences

Having taken a few cruises in the past (a few to the Caribbean and one around Hawaii) I must say that there is nothing quite like cruising. I found my cruise getaways to be a lot of fun. I got to see and experience many things and even discovered new things in the process. I also got to relax and swim in the clear waters. I played basketball, volleyball and mini-golf. I had some fun playing the slots. I enjoyed many live shows, karaoke nights, live music, and dancing. Being a writer, poet, and a photographer (hobby of mine) I was inspired to write many wonderful pieces and take some fantastic photographs. I love looking back through the many photo albums I've put together over the years. I love reading all the works I've brought to life as a result of embarking on cruising adventures.

I can't wait to go on my next cruise and hopefully this time it will be a cruise around Europe. This will be a whole new experience for me and one that I look forward to with much excitement.


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27th Jan 2012 (#)

Well you make me want to jump on a ship now. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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Thanks for the comment. I love cruising! No need to switch hotels all the time...and you get to see interesting places while sailing the high seas.

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I just noticed this is your first page so...
Welcome to Wikinut. I look forward to reading more of your work.:)

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Thank you! Yep, this was my first article.

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