Central Park - A New York City Landmark

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Central Park is a New York City landmark and a popular destination for both tourists and New Yorkers. Millions of people visit the park every year. With much to see and enjoy, and so much ground to cover, you will always have a wonderful time when you visit the park.

About Central Park

Central Park is one of the biggest parks in New York City. It is located in the borough of Manhattan and spans over 50 blocks - from 59th street to 110th street - touching both the east side and the west side of the borough. There is a lot of ground to cover and much to see and do in this park.

Central Park is one of the landmarks of New York City and a popular destination for tourists and New Yorkers alike. Every year millions of people visit this remarkable site and enjoy everything it has to offer. With many places to see and visit in New York City Central Park is a must.

Sculptures, Statues, Art, and Other Attractions of Central Park

Central Park has many interesting sights and beautiful attractions. Among these are the many sculptures and statues that are situated throughout Central Park. Some depict scenes, some are of famous people, but all are incredible works of art.

If you are a fan of the literary arts (or the performing arts) there are a number of sculptures that will strike your fancy. One sculpture is dedicated to the talented Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, who is highly known for his work - The Ugly Duckling. In this sculpture Hans Christian Andersen is seen sitting on a bench reading a book to a stray duck... There is so much to draw from this delightful sculpture and it will surely put a smile on your face.

An homage is paid to two other legends. There is the great jazz legend Duke Ellington, whose sculpture is located in the Duke Ellington Circle (on Fifth Avenue and 110th Street). And one cannot forget the talented writer/poet William Shakespeare, known for such popular works as Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, and A Midsummer Night's Dream. A bronze sculpture of him is erected on a stone pedestal, and is situated southeast of Sheep's Meadow.

Another sculpture that you will come across is that of Lewis Carroll's popular tale Alice in Wonderland. It is located on East 74th Street and is a wonderful treat for both kids and adults alike. This sculpture depicts a smiling Alice sitting on a giant mushroom, reaching out her hand to the pocket watch held by the White Rabbit. A dormouse is sitting on the smaller mushroom looking at the Mad Hatter. The curious Cheshire cat is sitting on Alice's legs, peering over her shoulder, looking at something.

Some of the other notable sculptures to take note of include Angel of the Waters Bethesda Fountain, King Jagiello (located in Turtle Pond's east end), Balto (statue of a sled dog that rose to fame during the serum run to Nome in 1925), Christopher Columbus, 107th Infantry Memorial, Alexander Hamilton, Eagles and Prey, The Pilgrims, and Romeo and Juliet (at the Delacorte Theater).

Cleopatra's Needle is another artistic structure that you will find in Central Park. It is actually an ancient Egyptian obelisk and is about 68 feet tall. There are a few more of them in the world today. One is found in London, another in Paris, and yet another in Luxor. The London and Central Park (New York) obelisks make a pair, while the Paris and Luxor ones make up the other pair.

Aside from the many sculptures and statues, there are other attractions to see and these include Belvedere Castle, the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre, Delacorte Theater, Carousel, Boathouse Cafe, Strawberry Fields (dedicated to the memory of John Lennon), many bridges and arch underpasses, Turtle Pond, and the river that flows through Central Park.

Boat Ride in Central Park

If you love being out on the water you might enjoy a boat ride through the river that goes around Central Park. The scenery is quite breathtaking when the weather is nice. You will love the boat ride and find it refreshing and very relaxing. You can rent your boat at the Boathouse Cafe. So grab a partner and head out on a little adventure out on the water. And be sure to take a camera along for the ride as there will be lots of beautiful pictures for you to capture.

The Wildlife and Plants of Central Park

Central Park is home to a wildlife sanctuary, some mammals and many varieties of birds. Walking around Central Park you are sure to come across raccoons, eastern gray squirrels, eastern chipmunks, the Virginia opossum, the common pigeon, and other beautiful birds, among which is the red-tailed hawk. You can spot a group of turtles as well, swimming in Central Park's Turtle Pond. And if you head over to the Central Park Zoo, which also includes the Children's Zoo you will get to meet many other interesting animals.

Everywhere you look you will be surrounded by lots of lush greenery, different kinds of trees including the weeping willow and a stand of American elms (1700 of them), and many beautiful plants and flowers. If you are a nature lover you will be inspired to take lots of beautiful photographs as there is a great deal of captivating scenery to behold through out the park.

Entertainment in Central Park

Central Park is home to the Delacorte Theater - an outdoor amphitheater, which hosts "Shakespeare in the Park" festivals in the summer and other performances through out the year. Many concerts take place at the Great Lawn. Popular singers and bands have performed there over the years. These include Barbara Streisand, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews Band, Elton John, Carole King, Garth Brooks, Diana Ross, and Andrea Bocelli, among others. Many musicians, bands, and dancers also perform through out Central Park, and they always seem to draw in a crowd.

Another entertainment feature of Central Park is the Delacorte Musical Clock, which is located near the entrance to the Children's Zoo. The Delacorte Musical Clock sits on a three-tiered tower and chimes on the half hour to one of the forty-four tunes that change with the season. What's remarkable about this clock is that it not only chimes but it has a full band of animal statues, holding various musical instruments, that rotate every time a tune starts to play. Among these animals are two monkeys, a hippopotamus, a kangaroo, a bear, a goat, an elephant, and a penguin, each one with its own unique instrument. It really is a sight to behold and quite a delight to witness.

Hiking and Fitness in Central Park

Central Park has many trails that allow you to walk, jog, bike, and roller blade. So while you are taking in the sights of the park you can also get some exercise done in the process. You may even notice marathons or bicycle races taking place in the park while you are there.

Winter Fun in Central Park

If you happen to be in New York City in the winter, you can still visit Central Park and have some fun. Besides taking in the sights you can also have some fun ice-skating. There are two skating rinks in Central Park - The Wollman Rink and Lasker Rink. The Wollman Rink, also known as the Trump Wollman Rink, is situated in the southern part of Central Park (6th Avenue and 59th street), while the Lasker Rink, which converts into a swimming pool in the summer, is situated on the northern part of Central Park (between 106th and 108th streets).

Central Park is a must-see!

No matter what brings you to New York City don't leave without stopping by Central Park. It is a very beautiful place with lots to see and lots of pictures to capture. It will take you more than a day to see everything in Central Park, so if you want to see it all make sure you have a few days to spare. But if you don't have much time on your hands you will always have a reason to come back to New York City again for your next Central Park adventure...


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31st May 2012 (#)

I love parks, where ever it is. Thank you for nice article writing.

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Thanks for commenting. Parks are so beautiful and they are a great source of inspiration for writers and poets.

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31st May 2012 (#)

Getting lost for a day roaming through Central Park has always been one of my favorite NYC things to do. There are always new things to discover there!

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author avatar Lena Kovadlo
31st May 2012 (#)

I love Central Park. Writing this article made me realize that I haven't been there in a while. And there are things I haven't see as well. Should make a trip there soon. :)

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31st May 2012 (#)

love this. i wish i could see central park..

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Haven't been in a while...love the park, well done!

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Thank you Maria. I haven't been there in a while myself. Going to try and go there soon. I love it a lot there!

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