Camping as a lifestyle

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For many of us staying in camp sites isn´t just a way to travel and to have cheap accommodation. People are a lot friendlier and talkative.

Camping as a lifestyle

Some people will say that camping isn´t for them, because they need to sleep in a bed and they don´t like going around with all the camping paraphernalia. To anyone its likes and needs, but staying in camp sites isn´t for many of us a way to travel and to have very cheap accommodation. It´s, in fact, a lifestyle.
I, for instance, adore waking up with the sunlight already on top of my tent. Whether one has a blue, orange or yellow colour tent, the sunlight filters inside, giving a pleasant and comforting light.
It´s true that if one doesn´t have a car, one should get a small and light tent and the minimum paraphernalia such as pans, pots and a portable cooker. Unless, of course, one´s travelling with someone and the weight can be shared.
I´ve travelled alone quite a bit and, therefore, I´ve had to eat things that didn´t need cooking such as salads, a variety of cheese, fresh fruit and the like, although, at times, I used to get a tin of beans or lentils and I asked the people that worked in the bar of the camp site to warm it up. On another occasion, I had meals in cheap restaurants or in the one in the camp site.
So far, so good!
I´m not this young now, but my old tent is in a corner in my place. I look at it, thinking of how good it´d be to take it, pack up and set off for a carefree lifestyle. I guess I could do it, but just the thought at having to carry the tent is quite off putting. I should, perhaps, get a lighter one that can be set up in a blink.
It´d be grand to go to camp sites to experiment such natural and carefree lifestyle.
I´ve found that people are a lot friendlier and more talktative in a camp site.
I still remember with pleasure the days I spent in the camp site in stunning island of Cies off the coast of Galicia. It´s a small camp site, but a clean and well catered one. This is important in a camp site. One isn´t to expect luxuries, but a good camp site should have plenty of showers, toilets and cooking and washing facilities as well as, perhaps, a bar and restaurant. The camp site should be cleaned up twice a day and this one in the Cies Island certainly was.
A good camp site will always have some rules such as a distance between tents and fire or loud music will not be allowed.
The camp site of Cies Island was like this and it was a sheer delight to wake up, hearing the birds chirping or the sound of the sea. I still remember the strolls in this little island off the coast of Galicia, watching the birds or swimming it its crystal clear water.

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Feb 2015 (#)

I've never been big on camping but many of my friends just love it. Good post. Blessings.

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
21st Feb 2015 (#)

Great article! Thank you for sharing it. We used to take the kids camping when they were little. They loved it.

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