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Bulgaria is a small Balcan country on top of Greece that is historical and has many attractions all over the country, from traditional music, to traditional food. Bulgaria goes all the way back to ancient times and being occupied by the Ottomans.

Bulgaria's national flag

The flag of Bulgaria is a tricolor flag with three colors: White, Green, and Red. The colors came from the time with the Russo-Turkish war. Today the flag still remains the same colors from back then. Then when the Bulgarians gained freedom from the Turks the national flag of Bulgaria was placed on top of a big building in Sofia Bulgaria's capital. After then the flag still sits and waves as a national symbol of todays Bulgaria.

The capital of Bulgaria ''Sofia''

The capital of Bulgaria Sofia is Bulgaria's largest city with a lot of history and many attractions to choose from. Sofia has many tourist traffic especially near the summer time and mostly on fall time when its cooler. During the Turkish occupation the people suffered enormously, and the Russians helped the Bulgarians to get their country back, and because of that the Bulgarians built a big Eastern Orthodox church dedicated to the Russian soldiers that helped them, it is a lovely memorable church with its beautiful history.

Bulgaria's language

The language of Bulgaria was very similar to the Macedonian language and other Slavic languages. The language was discovered by saint Ciril and Methodius which today both of them sit in the orthodox church that was built for the Russian soldiers in Sofia. The letters are similar for Russians and Bulgarians even today. The alphabet letters come from old Bulgarian, and Greek, and the language still today stays the same and is spoken all over Bulgaria.

Bulgaria's religion

Bulgaria's religion is Eastern Orthodox just like their friends The Russians, the Bulgarians were Orthodox even before the Turks occupied Bulgaria, after when the Ottomans occupied the country they left their marks behind by building turkish mosques all over the cities and villages but even the worst times the Bulgarians kept their religion alive by sticking to their beliefs and attending to church every sunday and every festival.


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