Breathtakingly beautiful, the lush green countryside was a treat to the eye

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Passing through Janshi and Gwalior, we reached city of Bhopal -the capital of Madhya Pradesh state. I was reminded the story of Jhansi ki Rani’. Our friend told us that of Madhya Pradesh were located on the Malwa plateau. The landscape, by now had total changed.

All good things must come to an end and so did our trip

Our journey continued and the next morning we reached Nagpur. Oh yes, on the way we crossed the famous Narmada River. Nagpur is in Maharashtra. Nagpur is famous for oranges. Some women on the station were selling fresh oranges. I noticed that the women had draped their saris differently-pleated and tucked between their legs like dhoti. I was told their saris are eight meters long. The men wore a dhoti and a loose shirt. The oranges fruits in Nagpur were so cheap compared to Srinagar. We had them to our heart’s fill. We also got too taste Srikhand –a typical Marathi sweet dish. The weather was hot compared to Srinagar.

Our next halt was at Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. I cannot forget the delicious biryani (rice food) we had at the Hyderabad station. But before we reached Hyderabad, something interesting happened. I was laying on the berth reading a book. It was bright and sunny outside. All of a sudden it turned pitch-dark. I got so scared, I screamed.

Someone switched on the lights in the train. `What happened?’ I asked my friend. `We have just entered a tunnel. This is quite normal through the mountains,’ she replied. `Do not you remember the Jawaharlal tunnel? Before she could speak any further we were in the broad daylight again.

Passing through the state of Karnataka at night, we reached Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu by noon. It was warm and sultry. The scene outside had changed totally again. On the way, we could see paddy fields, toddy and coconut palms and beautiful thatch huts with kolam Made at the entrance. Men wore lungis women bright silk saris and flowers in their hair. We were looking forward to idli, dosa, sambar and chutney as promised by our teacher. It was difficult to understand what the vendors were saying in Tamil.

Passing through a number of stations we reached our destination Thiruvanthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Breathtakingly beautiful, the lush green countryside was a treat to the eye. The gentle sea breeze, the backwaters and canals, the swaying coconut palms made us all forget our tiredness. It was interesting to see men wear a shirt and a short dhoti called mundu and women in white saris. For someone from the north it was a pleasant change to have fish curry prepared in coconut milk and served on plantain leaves.
We drove to the kovalam beach and went as far as Knyakumari, in Tamil Nadu, the southern trip of India.

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another lovely piece...sorry the person above did that ...better to delete as it does not count ...

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You write about a lot of different topics.Thanks for the share.

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You indeed had a great journey to these destinations in South India.

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Well thought of article to share..

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