Breakfast in Forks with Herbert

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It's February, it's raining, it's in Forks, and breakfast's on.... but there's no need for me to eat alone. I'm with Herbert.

Breakfast in Forks with Herbert

Forks Washington, a small town - famous for timber, rain and vampires.
Actually, driving through to the Olympic Peninsula from Bainbridge Island, there's timber to be seen pretty much all the way.
You see the ocean or straits, and the water is full of timber.
I'd made it as far as Beaver before the two lane road grew slick with rain.
A piece of Bumbleberry pie and I was ready to check in to my comfortable hotel room.

Next morning, I woke to explore the tiny town. But I was starving!
So I drove down the main road to the famous Forks Coffee Shop.
As I opened the door, the warmth and delicious scents of breakfast food reached out seductively to me.
I sat down on a comfortable bench seat and there stood the waitress, coffee pot in hand. Lovely.
I ordered a small meal and relaxed, looking around at the other people there.

And it was there I saw - Herbert. Herbert is a huge elk, 18 pointer, and quite old.
Actually, it's only Herbert's head. And why is he called Herbert?

Well, I asked the waitress what the elk's name was, and she laughed happily with me.
Apparently this huge, ancient and magnificent beast had no name.
Maybe it's my wierd Aussie sense of humor, but I decided immediately that this wonderful tribute to the art of taxidermy should have a name.
A royal beast....
Nooo, "Edward" wouldn't do - an elk wouldn't share a name with the hero of the Cullen saga, set in this tiny town. "Charles" didn't seem to fit, either.
I was considering "Andrew", when the friendly waitress returned with a platter of food. My small meal would have fed at least four people!
I looked out at my compact car, awash in the car park, a lighter grey than the cloudy sky. Hmmmm, what was a good name for a large elk in a small town?

I'd made heavy inroads on my links and eggs, when the name hurtled into my brain.
"Herbert". I told the waitress as I tipped her and dressed for the weather.
It made us both smile.

The next morning, I started another busy day celebrating the beautiful scenery of the Olympic Peninsula. Of course, I firstly resumed my seat at the Coffee Shop, and the waitress came along again. She smiled and remembered how I took my coffee.
Ah, nothing like those little efficiencies to make someone feel at home.

I asked after Herbert, and we laughed again. Following my gluttonous experience of the previous morning, I ordered a child's meal. I'm proud to say I almost finished it.
A quick read of the Forks newspaper, and it was time for me to be on the road south.

As I pulled the car out of the lot, splashing through the puddles, I felt sorry to be leaving this friendly town, and the beauties of the area.
When I remember Forks, I remember kind, friendly people, the huge meals, the vampire saga - and my breakfast buddy, Herbert.

Some day I'll eat breakfast with Herbert again. I just know it.


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