Best Tourist Attractions in Sabah, Malaysia

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Sabah, the second largest state of Malaysia next to Sarawak, is the location of the Southeast Asia's highest peak. Its rich diversity of animals, plants and culture will mostly like attract tourists both local and international.

Taman Tanku Abdul Rahman

Taman Tanku Abdul Rahman comprises five islands that could captivate and leave visitors in awe. One could enjoy varied water sports like snorkeling, diving, and even swimming. The water park is the usual hang-out place for foreigners who enjoy leisure activities in a pristine white sand beach and glistening water.

Accessible through a jetty from the Jesselton Ferry Terminal, it only takes 15 minutes from one island to another. Though there are some parts that notify visitors as a no swimming zone in order to maintain their safety, the park also holds different things to do around the island like trekking, barbecuing and just plain sun-bathing.

Admission fee is at minimal price.

Jambatan Tamparuli

This suspension bridge built long ago and is preserved up to the recent time, is a great stop for visitors who want to experience excitement.

Conquering acrophobia or the fear of heights in this bridge is a great desensitization practice.

A famous folk song was being inspired from this bridge. These days, Jambatan Tamparuli remains a great landmark for people going to the town of Tamparuli.

Mystic Mt. Kinabalu

Protected as a World Heritage Site, Mt. Kinabalu also holds the record as the highest peak in Southeast Asia and is a must-place to visit in Sabah.

It keeps the most diverse flora and fauna in the world; to mention a few are rafflesia, viper plants, and orangutan. Mountain climbers and trekkers take it a challenge to climb up the summit (somewhat 4,000 meters above sea level) for two or three consecutive days.

Certified guides are willing to help you out during those days with reasonable fee. Rest house or lounge and restaurants are available at the foot of the mountain and even during the ascend.

One does not require an optimum scale of training to climb up the peak as long as you are fit and capable accompanied with ounce of determination and endurance.

A Day in Penampang

Muzium Sabah is located in Penampang, the northern part of Kota Kinabalu just 20 minutes away from the city center.

The Museum has three separate buildings. One is where artifacts, costumes of different tribes in Sabah with real life-size dolls wearing their colorful dresses, information about different flora and fauna with some skeletons and representations of the species.

The largest skeleton of Bryde's whale in Asia is just right at the entrance lobby of the museum. Unfortunately, cameras aren't allowed inside the museum and it should be deposited on the counter.

The second infrastructure is the Art Gallery. Chinese and Malay paintings are exhibited inside at the second floor while the evolution of technology in terms of communication is showcased at the first floor which include the miniature of the steam engine that first ran the railway station in Kota Kinabalu down to its neighboring towns.

The last building is the house of the Muslim Islamic Civilization from the ancient times until the present. The rich sultanate culture could be more understood here while looking at their tools and reading their history.

Flower Garden in Tenom

Hibiscus is the National Flower in Malaysia and the most enthralling site to appreciate the various beauty of this 5-petal flora will be in the interior part of Sabah, Malaysia in the east.

It is one of the largest park in Asia with an estimate of 1,500 acres of land. Tourists can wander around the park and going from one garden to another - from hibiscus, birds of paradise, ixora, cactus, viper plants, hybrid orchids, venus fly traps and rafflesia. Animals could also be found here like spotted deer, monkeys, peacocks and some others.

Once a year, the garden is open for free for the public to enjoy and this event is every November of the month. Activities such as fishing and biking are free of charge during these days.

Kota Kinabalu City Centre

At the city center are bustling of shopping malls sprouting like mushrooms - Suria Sabah and Wisma Merdeka are among them. Every Saturday and Sunday, the waterfront is filled with people around the busy streets in their Gaya-Gaya Market.

You can shop at your heart's content from modern selections up to local souvenir items at affordable prices. You can also enjoy different tastes of Chinese, Italian, and native Malay cuisines. Also around are seafood restaurants at your own palate's choice.

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sabah, also called borneo? wow, its here only that I got to see this place.

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Sabah is a state in Malaysia. Borneo is the entire island that consists of Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. That's what I learned...Thank you for your comment! I deeply appreciate it!

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