Belgrade: Jewel Of Europe

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An article about the beautiful city of Belgrade. It contains many valuable information about the city, for example places to visit, food to eat, information about nightlife and much more.


This is the capital and the largest city of Serbia. It offers a massive array of cultures, things to do, monuments to visit and places to go out and have fun. It's a beautiful place to visit and spend some time in. It is home to many attractions, cultural events and unique Balkan architecture that will certainly leave you speechless. Whatever your reason for visiting may be you will not leave disappointed.


Annually Belgrade is the centre of many cultural events including film, theatre and music festivals. Due to the city being in the hearth of Serbia you will also experience Serbian traditions first handed.

FEST also referred to as Belgrade Film Festival is home to many artists that showcase their amazing film work. Even of the biggest Hollywood giants Jack Nicholson was attracted to it. But he's not the only one that was impressed. Actors Robert De Niro and Dennis Hopper were also linked to the festival.

BITEF otherwise known as Belgrade International Theatre Festival takes place each year in Belgrade and serves as a foundation for the art of theatre in Serbia.
For you bookworms out there I recommend visiting the Belgrade Book Fair which is one of the most important and biggest literary events in the region. It enables publishers, authors and readers alike to connect and communicate with each other. It is often visited by local celebrities so you will have plenty to see and read there.

Taste of Serbia

The food culture in Belgrade is simply amazing. The homemade cooking is something everyone who hasn’t should try. The specialty called “Sarma” is a meal consisted of leafs of cabbage that wrap around ground meat and it’s amazing.

Belgrade is full of flavour thanks to Serbia’s national cooking traditions. An amazing restaurant to visit is “Kuca Velikana” it offers an amazing selection of foods from all over Europe and its price range is relatively cheap for the amazing service it provides.

You can also find a lot of street food vendors around if you are hungry on the go. If you would like to experience how it is to live as a Serbian native you should most certainly give “Gradska” restaurant a try as it provides a certain unique home feel to the costumer you won't find anywhere else.

Sounds of Belgrade

Belgrade is known for its Beer and Music Festival. Belgrade Music Festival is home to classical music that strikes a note with every audio lover out there. I would recommend going to the Beer festival if you are hungry for an experience similar to that of Tomorrowland and Ultra.

Belgrade is home to a prominent night club scene. One of the clubs I visited called Club Sound gave me an amazing House experience that I yearned for. This city offers a massive array of musical styles to fit everyone’s taste.

One of the most famous and well known places to go out in Belgrade is known as „Splavovi“. The clubs are usually located on the Danube River itself and it offers a unique and refreshing experience.


Serbia's hearth is home to a huge amount of things to visit. One of the most beautiful places to visit is the Belgrade Fortress located in Kalamegdan Park. It offers you a very medieval experience. If you've ever wanted to take a walk through history itself and go back to the times of knights and kings this is a must for you.

For the science enthusiasts out there Belgrade is home to the Nikola Tesla Museum, a museum dedicated to the life and work of Tesla. It is like walking in the mind of the genius himself. It showcases many of his inventions and life’s work.

Also worth noting are many churches one can visit in Belgrade including the likes of The Saint Sava Temple, which is a beautiful architectural creation.

In conclusion Belgrade is a place you should strive to visit at least once in your life. For all it offers it is incredibly inexpensive. Affordable accommodations and apartments for rent in Belgrade make this trip pretty easy on your wallet. Include a wide display of culture, music and history and you have just some of the things that make this city a certain mark on any travellers map.


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