Beautiful ambience of hotel Hilltop in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

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The article speaks about the beautiful ambience of hotel Hilltop in Kandy in Sri Lanka. the hotel is situated in the summit of the hill and is at beautiful location.


Hilltop hotel is situated in the summit of hill in Kandy Sri Lanka. It is a centre for tourist attractions as visitors flock to the place.


The living rooms are situated at the ground floor while the restaurant where the tourists come during lunch and dinner is situated on the upper floor.

Swimming pool.

There is a beautiful swimming pool in the hotel. It has shallow water which is good for beginners. Visitors enjoy the water.


From the windows of the Hilltop hotel the entire hills of Kandy are seen. The hotels and buildings on the sides of hills look beautiful.

Cold water.

The water is not warm water. It is because Sri Lanka is a tropical country. It is close to the equator also. So in winter the water is pleasant.

Source of photos: "The photos are taken from the private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji during tour of Sri Lanka in December, 2014".

Swimming pool.

It rains in Kandy a lot. Generally they are in the form of relief rain. It becomes a fun swimming in the swimming pool.


Whenever it rains, the leaves and broken petals fall in the waters of the swimming pool. But they are cleared before visitors swim in the waters.

Wood work

There is beautiful woodwork within the hotels in Kandy, Sri Lanka. In hilltop hotel the rooms have good wood work.

Wood work.

The wood work is evident both in the passage and the front view in the ground floor as well as in the first floor.


The restaurant at the upper floor of hill top hotel has good location. The hills look pretty from the windows.

White pillars.

The white pillars in between the woodwork create a beautiful site in hotel Hilltop. They are very pretty from outside.


The plan of the Hilltop Restaurant is very beautiful. There is zigzag way of entering into the restaurant and the hotel.


All across the hotel Hilltop there is green top. There are trees and bushes which are maintained very well.


Due to good management the entire hotel is very clean. The ground floor and the first floor are very clean.


The rooms have yellow painting, green curtains, white background and brown wood work. It looks pretty.


Inspite of Kandy having a lot of rain, from the rooms of the Hilltop hotel visitors find light peeping in and the rooms airy.

Green curtains.

The green curtains on the windows of Hilltop hotel add the colour and beauty of the rooms. From the rooms the entire hills are visible.


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author avatar Souvik
15th Mar 2015 (#)

Visitors should visit Hilltop hotel in Kandy.

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15th Mar 2015 (#)

Great place and great photos!

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