Beautiful ambience of Sapphire Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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The article speaks about the beautiful Sapphire hotel ambience in Colombo. Colombo is the capital city of Sri Lanka and when visitors come to visit Sri Lanka they enjoy the hostage in Sapphire hotel.

Beautiful Sapphire hotel.

The Sapphire hotel is a beautiful hotel situated in Sri Lanka. It is situated in the city of Colombo, the capital city.


In the entrance of the hotel in the ground floor, the visitors are greeted with welcome drink. It is a great gesture.

Main road.

The hotel is situated at the main road. But the ambience of the hotel is so nice that visitors can enjoy the facilities within the hotel.


The hotel is situated around 30 kilometers away from the Bandarnayeke International Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


The rooms inside the Saphire hotel are very airy. There is a lot of space within the room and they are filled with amenities.


All amenities are available in the room including TV , fridge, AC and other things that visitors look for.

Swimming pool.

There is a beautiful swimming pool in Sapphire hotel. The swimming pool is situated in the 3rd floor and is filled with Shallow water.

Source of photos: "The photos are taken by the private camera of Dr Souvik Chatterji during trip to Sri Lanka in December, 2015."


The site of the swimming pool is beautiful. There are chairs and easy chairs on the side where the visitors can rest.


As there are greenery around the Sapphire hotel it is difficult to understand that the swimming pool is in the 3rd floor.


Afternoon and evening are the best time to enjoy the pool side of the Sapphire hotel in Colombo as gentle breeze blow.


The easy chairs are painted white and they look pretty beside the pool. Visitors spend time around the pool.


As Sri Lanka never have mild winters, the water of the swimming pool is kept at standard room temperature. It is not warm.


The restaurant at the 4th floor of the Sapphire hotel is brilliant. From the restaurant the streets and vicinity is visible.


In the breakfast right from omelette bread, to juices and cereal flakes and fruits there is a huge variety of food.

Clean roads.

The clean road and streets of Colombo are visible from the restaurant. The restaurant and entire hotel is well maintained.


During christmas period Christmas trees are kept within the restaurant to make the site more decorative.


The breakfast and dinner in the Sapphire Hotel are in the form of buffet. Visitors can pick and choose whichever food item they like.


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author avatar Souvik
20th Mar 2015 (#)

The hotel is expensive. But the conduct of the staff is very cordial.

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author avatar Randhir Bechoo
21st Mar 2015 (#)

Interesting article.

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author avatar Souvik
21st Mar 2015 (#)

Thanks Randhirji for the comments.

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