BOROBUDUR: Wonders of the historical heritage of Indonesia (1)

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Borobudur is the largest Buddhist temple in the world that stands like a giant puzzle. Composed of 2 million blocks of volcanic stone, sculpted in such a way so as to interlock with each other. Borobudur temple-like building the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt Gizeh, the difference, Borobudur has a crater pattern staircase.

The History of Borobudur

Borobudur is the largest Buddhist monument in the world. Built in the time of King Samaratungga in 824. Borobudur was built 300 years before Angkor Wat in Cambodia and 400 years before the great cathedrals of Europe.

Since the middle of the 9th century until the early 11th century, Borobudur became a Buddhist pilgrim from China, India, Tibet, and Cambodia. Borobudur became one of the most important historical traces in the development of human civilization. Pomp and grandeur of Borobudur temple architecture is marvelous world treasure and priceless.

Borobudur was built for 75 years under the leadership of architect Gunadarma with 60,000 cubic meters of volcanic rock from Elo and Progo River, located about 2 km east of the temple. At that time not yet known and the metric system unit of length used to build the temple of Borobudur is a tuning calculated by spreading the thumb and middle finger, or measure the length of hair from the forehead to the base of the chin.

Based on the inscriptions Karangtengah and Kahulunan, historian JG de Casparis estimates Borobudur is the founder of the ancient Mataram kings of the Sailendra dynasty named Samaratungga, and building this temple around 824 AD. The huge building will be completed at the time of her daughter, Queen Pramudawardhani. Borobudur construction is expected to take half a century.

Initially, the temple was thought to be a place of worship. J.G. de Casparis estimates that Bhumi Sambhāra Bhudhāra in Sanskrit means "Hill set ten levels boddhisattwa virtue", is the original name of Borobudur. Most historians also stating that the name of Borobudur comes from the Sanskrit is "Vihara Buddha Uhr" meaning "Buddhist Monastery on the Mount".

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