BALI Traveller : ~Day 5~ (At The Museum)

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Discover the artistic and historical of Balinese at the Bali Museum. For traveler and shopaholic, DO NOT miss the unique Shopping Mall ever!!! Enjoy your Holy-Day!^^

Friday, March 16th, 2012

This is my 5th day in Bali. Just 2 days left to go back my hometown in Makassar. I don’t want to miss a day here!!!!

At an early morning we are set to go. The first destination today is The Museum Bali- Denpasar. There are two huge Museum in Denpasar. One is located at Puputan and the other is located at Renon. We decide to go to the Museum at Puputan. When we arrive, the Museum is still closed, yeah, we go too early though. So we decide to take a walk around the Museum park and then go to the Museum at Renon.

Hey, It's Bali Museum!

The Bali Museum at Renon is a museum of art and history which located near the former royal palace. There are four main buildings inside the museum. Buleleng which displaying textiles, Tabanan with theatrical masks and musical instruments, Timur with archeological finds, and Karangasem sculptures and painting.

The Dragon Sculpture Gate welcome us!

Ancient Fabrics at Buleleng

It is so nice that the guide kindly tells us the history about all the historical things here. There are a lot of unique fabrics in the Buleleng building. There are so many kind and motive of Balinese ancient fabrics which most of them are made by ancient weaving. Need a long period to make a cloth by ancient time weaving!

The Balinese Wayang!

The Wayang is the most theatrical expressions of Bali. It is performed with the reflection of light, and usually use coconut husk lamp .The performance of The Balinese Wayang expresses a religious mythology which blend with historical aspects. That 's why Wayang becomes a very entertain performance for many people. Wayang is also performed in several important ceremony like in Ngaben (The cremation ceremony).

In the Wayang performance, there is a dalang who tells the story accompanied by a gamelan music and occasional singer. The dalang plays important role to pass the culture and tradition from one generation to another. That's what make dalang becomes so respected in the society!

The Heritage

The Balinese in the ancient time is so related with art and sculpture. They create a lot of art things even with a modest tool. There are so many unique ancient sculptures and arts you can see in the Bali Museum. Cool!!

Centro The Shopping Mall

After amaze with all the historical things in the Bali Museum, we continue our trip to Centro, a big shopping Mall in Bali.

Centro is a bit different with many shopping Malls that I've ever seen before. The Mall has a beautiful beach inside. There are so many restaurants around the beach. I guess the concept of this Mall is to make you really enjoy with your break-time. Centro is built with artistic interior. Most of the guest are tourists and it makes Centro looks like a tourist village already hahaha

Do you have a unique shopping Mall in your region? Please kindly share here ^^


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Nice travel dairy .thank you for sharing .jk

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