BALI Traveller : ~Day 4~ ( Tanah Lot -the sea surrounded temple- and The Cool Bedugul)

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Don't miss these places if you go to Bali!!! Enjoy your Holy-Day! ^^

Jati Luwi and The Paddy Fields

It is 2 p.m now. Playing at the monkey forest really make us forget the time haha. Now, we are going to visit Jati Luwi, Pura ulun Danu (The Balinese Hindu Lake Bratan Temple), and The hot water baths.

Before we go to Pura Ulun Danu, as plan, we take a long route passing Jati Luwi
Jati Luwi is famous with its paddy fields.

The Bad Weather

On the way to Pura Ulun Danu, the weather becomes not friendly. The wind blow up really strong. We decide not to go as our plan because it is too risky to go to a Lake or water area in this condition. We agree layover to a famous strawberry restaurant at Bedugul. We pass the Pura Ulun Danu before reach the restaurant and just can see the temple from far away.

The photo Pura Ulun Danu that I add here is given from my cousin. Nice capture and nice place!!

Strawberry Plantation at Bedugul

Bedugul is a mountain resort area. Normally, it has a cool weather. But today, the rain is so big with strong wind that I guess will make the weather become even colder than before. We must run through the rain from the parking area to the restaurant and that really makes all of us chill!!

We search for the warmest sit and order hot strawberry tea, a pot for each person, hot pan of strawberry pizza for all of us, and a plate of strawberry banana. This restaurant (I don't know the name exactly) serve many kind of snack and food which blend with strawberry. There is also a unique food called Nasi Goreng Stroberi (Strawberry Fried Rice).

While waiting for the food, we take a walk to the restaurant back-yard to see a strawberry plantation. The strawberries are not ripe yet. The keeper tells that before us, there were some visitors who pick all the ripe strawberries. I have just known that the restaurant let us pick our own strawberries in their field and can be brought home for a reasonable price. So interesting!

Delicious Strawberry Tea!

The hot strawberry tea finally arrives. The smell and the taste are perfect!! A pot of strawberry tea really warm us and make our time more enjoyable in a rainy day . It is really a paradise, drink a cup of hot strawberry tea in this situation lol.

After taking a great snack, we continue our trip. Because it is still raining and all of us still hungry we agree to look a place for lunch. My friend recommend to eat Roasted pig. She say that Roasted pig in Bali is so famous and easily found. She is right, it is not take a long time to find a stall that serve roasted pig. We layover the stall and my friends start to order. Because I don’t like eating roasted pig and I'm not really hungry, I just see my friend eat it greedy hahaha. So interesting!

The rain has stopped when my friends finished eating. Thanks God, now we can visit water area!!!Because it is now nearly 5 p.m, we agree to see the sunset in Tanah Lot.

A Temple Surrounded by The Sea

Tanah Lot is one of the popular places of interest in Bali. Tanah Lot is located on the coast of West Bali, at the village of Beraban in the Tabanan Regency.

This afternoon, Tanah Lot is so crowded with tourists from all around the world. I guess most of them are from Japan, China, America, and Europe.There are so much things you can find in Tanah Lot. From all the Balinese stuffs, Balinese-Indonesian traditional food and snacks, Balinese Art such as temporary tattoos, name carving bracelet, and many other interesting things.

In Tanah Lot, there is a temple surrounded by the sea. When the water is recede, we can walk to the temple, but unfortunately today the water is in high tide so we can’t approach the temple. We just can take a picture from a distance and see the hard waves. There are so many people taking picture here with the hard wave and the cloudy but beautiful sunset indeed!!!

The Art Shop

After capturing a lot of photos, we take a walk around. There are souvenir and art shop everywhere! I have a big enthusiastic with the name carving bracelet at the corner of the street. My friend and I make it for IDR 10000/bracelet. Just less than 5 minutes and the carving bracelet ready to wear!

Artistic Place, Tanah Lot!

What I can conclude about Tanah Lot is it is a perfect place for Artistic lover!! Also a romantic place for the couple. It is a great place for family traveling. It is a very enjoyable Balinese shopping place. And, it is a paradise for every photographer because I bet you can capture a lot of great scenery here LOL. If you go to Bali do not miss to visit Tanah Lot!!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks steve! ^^

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Love this series of yours have fell in love with the place
Best Wishes

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thanks dear stevetheblogger, still there are 3 more series of this article. Please take a time to read it ^^
btw,if u go to Bali, I recommend u to go in the dry season so u can experience more water games ^^

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