BALI Traveller : Fall In Love With Sanur Beach!!!

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I'm speechless, just can say, "I'm falling in Love with this place!!"
If you are willing to visit Bali. Please don't miss this place ^^. Enjoy your Holy-Day!

Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Dear diary, this is my 6th day in Bali, Time Time Time, you are running even faster!!

The first place that I will visit today is Pantai Mertasari (Mertasari Beach) at Sanur. Sanur is the main coastal tourism spot in Bali. It is as famous as Kuta. Sanur area has several beaches such as Padang Beach fierce, Sunrise Beach, Sanur Beach, Sindu Beach, Coral Beach, Beach Semawang, and Mertasari beach. I really hope that the weather can be friendly all day long so I can enjoy playing in the water spot hahaha.

Finally arrive at Mertasari Beach, Sanur! Feeling the slight breeze with the burning sun here make my spirit more awakened !!! I can’t wait to touch the water here!!!

Walking through the Beach, I see some visitors are laying on the long chair, relaxing and getting their skin tan! I also see several yachtes lean back on the beach. The beach guard tell us about Kano, a water sport that is so famous in Sanur. Interesting!

My friends and I quickly rent a Kano, one for each person. Kano is a kind of ship that is made from fiber and just for one passenger.

For the first time I ride a kano, I feel unstable and really afraid to fall hahaha. After around 15 minutes, I think I can control it as well. My friends and I then agree to compete a race. That is so exciting and unforgettable race! We are splashing water to each other and I can feel the warming water make me fresher.

Fall in Love with Sanur!!!

We play Kano under the hot sun, really really feel the summer!!! Canoing at Sanur is very pleasant!!!!!

Can you imagine…...........laying down on the kano with the beach which is so calm, with the clear sea water. The light breeze and the sunny day…..

Can you imagine…........… the scenery around the beach. The children is playing the kites across the sea, there are also people praying with Hindu tradition on one side of the beach.

It is so amazing that I can experience the calmness that really make me forget about the activities I will face after the holiday. For an instant you can say that it makes you forget about how tough life outside. It will make you realize about how wonderful the nature is!!!!!!

By the way, sorry, I am too excited to play that make me forget to take a photo of the Kano.

For almost 5 hours we spend the time in Sanur, now must go home, preparing for the next trip! Yeahhh, let’s go !!!

Nyepi Day

So, the next destination is The Bali Zoo at Gianyar. On the way, I see many big creation of arts, almost similar with a big statue. Later I know that what I see is called “Ogoh-ogoh”. There are so many ogoh-ogoh with different unique mythology character on the street. When I ask my cousin why there is ogoh-ogoh on the street, she says that it is prepared for celebrating “Hari Nyepi (Silent Day)”.

Hari Nyepi (Silent day) is the Hinduism feast day (Saka New year). In the silent day there will be no lighting, no working, no entertainment, no traveling. There will be no one on the street, except Pecalang, the traditional security man.The tourists are free to do as they wish inside their hotels, but not allowed to go outside The only airport in Bali will be closed for the entire day. The only exception is for emergency condition.

At the silent day, it is recommended to do meditate at home. I guess it is for contemplation or self-reflection and the aim is to be a better person after that. A day before the silent day, the Ogoh-ogoh is burned for the symbol of expulsion the bad.

If you want to visit Bali in the silent day, please be sure you have reserved the hotel at least two days before.


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author avatar missgreeeen91
20th Aug 2012 (#)

I hope you enjoy reading my article guys! thanks :)

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
20th Aug 2012 (#)

Bali is a spiritual place though commercialism has made its mark there too. The senseless massacre that occured, when 200 tourists were killed in bomb explosions, in the aftermath of 9/11 was totally out of character of the place and perpetrated by outsiders. A nice post - siva

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author avatar missgreeeen91
20th Aug 2012 (#)

You are right, the bomb tragedy is really painful :(
That's why after the tragedy, the government increase the secure of all tourism spot in Bali.

I really hope that this tragedy won't happen again.

Thanks for comment dear Siva

Best regards,

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author avatar Melita
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Nice Story..Really..Really Miss Bali xOo much (っ╥╯﹏╰╥c)..and of course ur family at there too..◦♡ћι•◦ћι•◦ћι :p ∩-̮∩ ◦°˚̮♡ How are they?

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author avatar missgreeeen91
21st Aug 2012 (#)

Thanks for the comment Melita!! They are fine ^^
hope to travel with you again in another occasion hahahaha

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