Avoid The New Orleans Scams!

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There are many scams in New Orleans' tourist destinations. Due to a series of unfortunate events i have been apart and have witnessed a great number of scams. Of course you will equip yourself with the knowledge to avoid these scams by reading this page.

A Large Audience

One of the many fascinating things about New Orleans are the very nice public performers. The performers, for the most part, are not scam artists. Of course their is always a select few that are. Either way be wary of large audiences. Many pickpockets surf the audience of many public performers because of the great conditions it has. Many people gathered in an area close together makes it very easy for a pickpocket to steal. If you really want to see the performers, keep your wallet and your hands inside your front pocket.

Let's hunt ghosts! (Outside only)

A well established and completely legal scam are certain ghost hunting tours which are very common in New Orleans. You might run into a brochure or advertisement for a ghost hunting tour. Some list a time and street corner location or only a phone number. The point of this is that the person hosting the ghost hunt cannot set up a indoor location because quite frankly they don't own one. It begins as a group of people usually meeting at the outdoor location of the hosts choice. The person begins to say that ghost hunting although is fun, is also very serious. Then the person will rant on as to what you will do in the tour and that you will be using professional ghost hunting equipment. All the while not mentioning anything about going inside anywhere but the person will say that you will be "visiting" locations. The tour is usually $25 American dollars which the person will then collect at this point, that's the standard ghost hunting scam fee.Then the tour will begin to go mobile! Don't get your hopes up though! The host will then walk around and point at buildings and recite ghostly occurrences that they memorize and sometimes collaborate before hand. During the entire trek the host will constantly attempt to get the tour group to laugh at bad jokes. Then, towards three quarters of the way into the tour the host will produce these tinted goggles and tell you to stare into a light source while wearing them. He will then tell you to look at the people around you while wearing the goggles and state that you are allegedly seeing there aura. Shortly after, the group will disband a few blocks away or if your lucky, at the location the tour started. No refunds of course.

Shoes Shined and Wallets Cleaned

Shoe shiners who know "where you got your shoes" are not your friends. This scam is usually initiated after denying shoe shining service. The shoe shiner will attempt to make a bet with you. The person will say "I bet you (X) dollars I can tell you where you got your shoes." If you accept the bet he will tell you "you got your shoes on your feet" and then you owe money. If you deny the first bet then the shoe shiner will say "I bet I can not only tell you where you got your shoes but what street you got them on." If you accept the bet this time the shoe shiner will now tell you " you got your shoes on your feet and the street you got them on is (current street)." Now you owe money. If you deny both betting attempts you have just saved yourself some money or a nasty confrontation.

Shots of Not

When walking around New Orleans be wary of bars or clubs that have people standing outside selling shots in tubes. Most times there is no alcohol inside of these seemingly worthy shots. Usually the tube will contain only concentrated lemonade or some strong peppermint concoction to hide the lack of that alcohol burn sensation. Don't accept the offers and you could save yourself the potential of buying a 7 dollar shot of lemonade.


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19th Jan 2011 (#)

Wow! really interesting stuff. I'm not planning visitng New Orleans any time soon but i will certainly keep these tips in mind. thanks for sharing :)

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