Argentina. Part I.

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You know that the route of aircraft flights from Europe to South America recalls the trip Bartolommeo Dias around Africa? Argentina by the presence of natural and agricultural, but unexplored, and unexploited resources, is one of the richest countries in the world? On the national dish of Argentines - asado - and much more, you can read in the first part of the story about this South American country.


Before I start my story about this wonderful country, let me introduce my feelings as a passenger of aviation companies which carry out flights from Europe across the Atlantic to North and South America. I had to fly quite a lot in this direction. However, only after the flight to Argentina, I got the final presentation on the strategy of air carriers for flights over water expanses of the Atlantic Ocean. The organization of these flights in the sense that what they have put me, were not widely advertised. Perhaps this no one asks. Probably it may be better about it at all not to say the most of passengers. Though as for me, it's better to know all the options the dangers of such flights.
When a plane flies over land, in the case of an emergency, always more likely to save lives, than when an airliner is above the water expanses. On land, in theory, a plane with different chances of success may make an emergency landing. And to make a similar splashdown in the water raging ocean failed anyone yet. At best, the airline did not immediately break, but he still goes to the seabed.
Aviation history knows cases splashdown planes on the river (Russian splashed on the Neva River in Saint Petersburg, the Americans, recently, splashed over the Hudson River in New York and other cases). On the sea surface to land special airliners – they are named seaplanes. But such a landing is made in the absence of emotion in complete calm, which almost never happens in the open ocean.
Strategy flight across the Atlantic is extremely simple, at the level of narrow-minded concepts, without any tactical aircraft and navigation theories.
Here's the approximate route of flight for the transport of passengers from Europe to South America.
Off from Frankfurt am Main (the most frequently used transit airport in Central Europe) to Buenos Aires flight is in the air nearly 19 hours. As mentioned above, the chances of escape in case of disaster is only when the flight route passes over land. That is exactly carried out the flight. The plane flew over Germany, France and Spain. Then the flight takes place on the route the pioneers of sea route to India led by the Portuguese Bartolommeo Dias when he was rounding Africa - not far from the coastline of Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.
In all airlines in the cabin monitors are installed in a schematic picture plane, as it draws the route of flight. All passengers should only raise your head and you can see where there is approximately a plane. But this video series shows up to a certain time - the onset of the most dangerous part of flight - flight over the open ocean, which in this route of flight cannot be avoided.
As soon as the video monitors’ interior of your aircraft disappeared picture of your trip, and began the long hours, a spectacular film - you know, you have like a bird soaring over the vast Atlantic and only God can help you in case of failure. Unless, of course, if the Savior is on your side.
Sudden cessation of the exciting movie on the most interesting place and the emergence of the newly animated pictures jerk aircraft indicate that you have flown with the help of God, the most dangerous part of the flight - the Atlantic Ocean and are over Brazil. In the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, your aircraft will be refueling. Then again, take off and your plane is heading to Argentina. A few hours later you land in the capital of Argentina - Buenos Aires, which means "clean air".
Unfortunately, I must admit that most Europeans, I'm not talking about experts, in my opinion, to a greater or lesser degree, known economic and geographic features of Europe, North America and Asia, in part, because of its certain exoticism and ethnographic diversity. But remain almost unknown to most inhabitants of Europe especially in South America.
If today I say the average European, that the Czech Republic - is a global treasure trove of silver, then just laugh at me. But so was really in the Middle Ages. Silver in the Czech Republic has long ended. There is less and less on the ground, especially in Europe, remains of natural resources. It is therefore important to know where more are on the earth "oasis" of fossil resources.
Propaganda my country has always said that the Soviet Union or Russia today - it's at least 30% of the whole range of natural resources, which corresponds to reality. But the propaganda, but this word is always perceived negatively - is rarely objective. To my shame, I did not even know that there are still countries except Russia, which also have a majority of elements in the periodic table of Mendeleev. One of these states - is Argentina. The country's name translates as "silver". However, the cause of such a name has several versions, ranging from precious metal and ending with the name of Argentina's Río de la Plata (Silver River), on which transported the silver and other treasures from Peru.
This country has almost all natural resources except gold. In addition to natural resources, all east of Argentina - is the water surface with inexhaustible reserves of Atlantic fisheries marine resources. Branched river network, the most for us, Europeans, know the river Parana, La Plata, Uruguay, Paraguay, a country that supply the river fisheries.
But the main treasure in the food basket of the country and the principal exports of Argentina - meat production in cattle. Livestock products are particularly relevant in our times, when steadily increasing value and importance of food to the food security of any country in the world.
Argentines have always understood the value of its "marbled meat". I have a friend Argentinean of Italian descent (30% of the population - the children of immigrants from Italy in the fourth generation). It takes quite a respected worldwide business - shipping, which requires considerable knowledge and vast intellectual work. But the dream of a lifetime of my Argentinean friend was to throw these ships. He always wanted to become a real gentleman – caballiero - the owner of the hacienda, ride on horseback. Have innumerable herds of cattle and pastures in Argentina. I must be honest. In my heart I did not understand him, thinking to myself, what can I say - such mindset is characteristic of the inhabitants “of the provincial state “- Argentina. How I was wrong! What is the significance today acquired the business in the food! And my Argentinean friend always understood it that the national meat dish Argentines - asado - better than the iron ship.
Yes, indeed, perhaps the most famous dish Argentine cuisine - is asado. So called beef ribs cooked on the fire. His invented the Argentine gaucho shepherds. I ate this dish once. For my taste - it's the usual grilled meat on the fire and no more, forgive me Argentines. Or maybe I have such feelings from this dish because I ate it among 30 fellows of Argentine mafia and was the only one who did not understand the Spanish language? Mighty local Indian two meters tall prepared the asado in the coals campfire some. It seemed to me, means for torture by fire. Initially, nothing knows where I was - because I was accompanying a translator from Spanish to English just escaped - I thought that going to fry me. I saw a few bottles of wine. I thought that smashing one of them, my hands will be the glass neck. Then, just simply, not revenge for my life, I will not die under torture by fire. But in the process of communication for a drink and asado, it emerged that the mafia wanted to supply the food court of the company where I work. And as how I learned that was a mafia? Not only in appearance a gentleman with whom I had spent a summer evening of February in one Argentinean port. And as I learned that they - "gentlemen of fortune" - let it be my little secret.

To be continued


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20th Mar 2011 (#)

And you thought flying over the ocean was hard and yet you're about to be roasted. LOL
Thank you for sharing, on to part 2.:)

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20th Mar 2011 (#)

It's my ordinary work. I must keep on flying. And when there are no movies on aircraft's screens I'm calm. And when movies goes on - nothing help except whiskey for a while...

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