Argao - The Beauty of South Cebu

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One of the oldest towns located in the South of Cebu. A beautiful historical place that has become a tourist spot in the present.

Argao municipality

Argao, as a municipality known for fishing and farming industries in the old times, has now become one of the best tourist destinations in Cebu. Lying in the South part of Cebu, the municipality reveals it's enormous beauty of rich sociocultural and environmental heritage as it preserves it's distinctiveness among the rest.

As the stories being passed from each generation, the name "Argao" has been coined from a very plentiful plant in town locally known as "Sali-Argaw." Founded by Spaniards, the town was inaugarated as el pueblo de argao.

Saint Michael Parish Church

Being the one of the oldest towns comes the well known church in Argao considered to be one of the oldest ones in the country, the Saint Michael Parish Church, a rococo-baroque structure. It was founded and constructed on the 17th of May 1734.

Argao's Riverstone Castle

Authentic as it is, the pride of Argao's Riverstone Castle made up of the nearby river stones caters guests on affordable rates for rooms, swimming pool, and a mini zoo from the outside.

Argao's must-see Nature Park

For adventure and pleasure, have fun enjoying in Argao's must-see Nature Park. A nature lover, environmentalist or adventurist is so much welcome to visit their nature park and walk under the big trees, be amazed with the beauty of delicate nature and the birds, sit on their lagoon area, and/or enjoy the fun activities of wall climbing, zip lining, and boat riding.

Giant's Cave (Balay sa Agta)

Don't forget to visit the Giant's Cave (Balay sa Agta), the northern entrance of Mt. Lantoy, Argao's highest peak. From there you see hundreds to thousands of bats and birds. From Poblacion of Argao, ride a 4-wheel vehicle or the local's motorcycle (habal-habal) to reach the location, Barangay Conalum. However, a need of climbing skills, no fear of heights, guts and good condition are needed to successfully reach the cave. Also, there is a need to bring a flash light to aid on the trekking.

While still on the process of innovation, Argao will surely reign as one of the best tourist spots in Cebu in the coming years.


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author avatar D in The Darling
19th Aug 2011 (#)

Historically beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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author avatar Angel
20th Sep 2011 (#)

Been there with you when I celebrated my birthday a year ago! Really great place nicely! Nicely written travel article! Thanks for sharing!

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author avatar Tranquilpen
3rd Nov 2011 (#)

WOW! what a fascinating place to visit. I had to do a Google search for it, since I had never heard of it. I must be one of only a few. Thank you:-))

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author avatar richellet
20th Dec 2011 (#)

haven't really been to argao cuz... but it is really great place and our Cebu really has something to say.. fantastic article...

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author avatar KK
26th Feb 2012 (#)

I have bad experience regarding to river stone castle. There staff dont know how to treat a guest. My friend birthday today and we held there in river stone its 4 clock afternoon we been there. we ask the information boy to discount a litle for entrance or pool but he tell me only for entrancee. And for pool i pay 580 good for 9 person and we are 13 all. One of our company know the information boy and ask for free fee and he said yes. After the in information where going to the pool excited to swim, no one staff help us for the direction where the pool is, were the only find the pool. And when we find the i dont see any staff in there, so of course my friend they go dive there and because of fun we have we forgot the two boy are not allowed to swim because they dont pay for pool only entrance fee. 6pm the two girl, staff of resort go to pool and ask us how many are allowed to swim so we told them 9. 2 are not allowed and 1 is for free.. They want to feel for excist, we told them we dont pay for exist because its not our fault because no one of the staff of the resort pay attention to us, and we argue. I ask staff question WHy there is no one pay attention to us when were on board to pool till we have fun together and now the time is up for pool you will ask for exist pay i think that is not right, they dont know how to handle costumer because they tell us Bogo me, and we dont understand. I told them i tell your managment about this and she say ok tell them, what kind of staff in a resort talking like that top the costumer, is that the way the staff handle the costume or guest there. and they call someone other staff, after a min they are arrive. one guy very nice to approched us and the older woman is very rude to approace us, she told me what kind of costumer we are and we have no respect, o told them you are the one have no respect and she tell me you girl have no respect. then there is other man, an older man come, she was very very angry to us he never approached us in right way. And he tell me, you dont know me im the brother of EDSEL GALEOS, Edsel Galeos is a MAyor of the argao town. I told him dont frigthen us if your the brother of the MAYOR we are not afraid. This is a big big worst happen in my life and i never never expect this, A RESORT staff Dont have respect to Guest so how about the management in it? I think its start in Management. Were are teen and because we are teen we treat like that unrespectful and give bad words and not treat as a Guest. More training needed and of course be aware.. Thanks Hope this help you!

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author avatar KK
26th Feb 2012 (#)

pls try to understand the words of my complaint.. Some are wrong grammar some wrong spelling. its because i feel upset for what the River Stone Castle Done to us..

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author avatar Jomar albarracin
22nd Sep 2012 (#)

totally agree on you. lots of locals also complained about the poor services offered by that resort. how sad to say. :(

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