Amore Italy - 7 Honeymoons Escapes in the Land of Love

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Meandering down a canal in a romantic gondola with the driver singing a romantic song in Italian is an image we have all grown up imagining how a romantic evening in Italy looked like. However, there’s so much more love and romance to the country. Italy is considered by many to be the land of love. There are many couples who come to honeymoon in Italy, and fall further in love.There are many Italy honeymoon destinations that couples should explore to fully experience romance.


The scenario we imagine about a romantic boat ride comes true in Venice. This gorgeous city of canals was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci. The complete city is connected by waterways, and you have to travel by boats. The atmosphere here is romantic and life slow paced. You can spend the day shopping but in the evening, take a slow gondola ride with your special someone and watch the world pass by slowly.


The epicenter of the renaissance, Tuscany is one of the most romantic places to visit in Italy. The region has many historical monuments and cobblestone streets, making you feel like you have gone back in history to simpler times. The region also has beautiful natural surroundings that have been featured in many a masterpieces. And of course, one activity honeymooning couples must indulge in is wine tasting in the Chianti region. Some of the best wine in the world comes from this region.

Lake Como

This lake is home to many Hollywood stars and international celebrities. Couples can relax and enjoy the peaceful location gazing into the ocean. Take an intimate walk by the lake holding your partner’s hand. It will be one of the most romantic experiences. You will know first-hand why so many celebrities buy homes near Lake Como.


Steeped in history, Rome is one of the most visited city in Italy. This city has many wonderful monuments that tell the story of ancient Rome and its glory days. Though there may not be something special only for couples, there are many things to do and see in Rome. The whole atmosphere of the city is romantic. You can try the many wonderful cafes here, or do some street shopping and buy something special for each other. For a honeymooning couple, this city is quite an enjoyable location.

Amalfi Coast

How does a romantic drive sound? The Amalfi Coast is one of the most stunning coastlines in Italy. As you drive down the twisting and turning road, the blue waters glisten and make for a great view. The coastline is dotted with luxurious villas, which are equally beautiful to look at. The nearby hill is home to many resorts, where you can stop, grab a hot cup of delicious coffee, and check out the amazing view of the coast. There are many quaint small towns nearby. They further add to the beauty of the area.


Nothing ignites romance like spending some time in natural surroundings. Umbria, described as the world’s most beautiful garden, is a region located between Rome and Tuscany. This place is hidden away from the maddening crowds of the city, tucked away in the heart of nature. There are many undiscovered areas and terrains here that are perfect for some quiet time. The food in the small restaurants nearby is also to-die-for. Umbria is a great place for honeymooners who are looking for peace, quiet and seclusion.


Continuing our theme of peace and seclusion, another one of Italy attractions that is perfect for honeymooning couples is the Cilento. This coastline is just as beautiful as the Amalfi Coast but has a distinct advantage over it. There is hardly any crowd at this location. So, you and your special someone can enjoy the peace and quiet. It’s what any new couple would want. You can sit by the blue water and rocky beaches, and gaze into the vast expanse of the sea. It will certainly add to the magic of your honeymoon.

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Italy is a gorgeous country with many places that are just right for honeymooners. Instead of choosing crowded unromantic places, check your Italy visa, and book your honeymoon to Italy today.

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