America shall be my oyster!

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Why call your town a town or a village, when city shall do? But don't just start calling it a city; make a huge party out of it! And then, take the money and go see what America has to offer the soul, the body, and the curiosity.

America, here I come! Don't go anywhere.

Well, it's finally happened: Voortrekkerdorp shall no longer be known as a town. Some folk or other who have influence in these matters, have decided that it's big enough to call it a "city" from now on.

I think there are probably some economical benefits to being a city as opposed to a "town" or "village" or whatever.

However, the name Voortrekkerdorp, the dorp part meaning town or village, will remain the name. It shall not become Voortrekkerstad, stad meaning city.

And of course, the occasion of considering the town a city, has to be celebrated with formal and informal partying.

We don't just go to party though. The mayor and his son and Harrison and my parents and me myself and a lot of school children, have to work at this event.

We work to collect money to go to America. Some folks in charge decided that the tennis players from the school should go on a tennis tour to the United States of America, where they shall play at some fancy advanced tennis club or school or something along those lines.

Father decided while Harrison will be traveling with these school children on their sport tour, Father and Mother and Elmarie and Petros and I shall travel all across North America to see what those people are up to. Are they still civilized? Have they become barbaric? Apparently they're also white, and it should be nice to see what other white people do on the earth.

And so, we all have to sell cooldrink tins at the city-becoming event, in order to raise money for our America tour.

I don't get to see much of the celebrations, but now and then I do get the chance to take a break and have a look at all the entertainment. The police orchestra is there to provide lovely music as only law enforcing officers can. There are many pop groups and Afrikaans singers who perform. More orchestras and choirs see to it that there isn't a shortage of music at this party.

Come evening, it's time for a huge, giant fireworks display. It's really something special! One can see a lot of money is being blown up into the air like this. It's beautiful!

Father works in the beer garden. I suppose it's something like a tea garden, except everybody drinks beer out of fancy cups. Just kidding. It's out of beer mugs.

And everybody must stick a special sticker on their beer mug. The sticker says "VOORTREKKERDORP - city of humanoid creatures".

Humanoid creatures? That's kind of obvious, isn't it? Or so I and many other people think, but the official tagline of the event, and it seems now the slogan of the city, is "City of humanoid creatures". Odd, but I suppose it's completely true, so it is fitting.

Well, I'm no longer a country village boy. I am now officially a city snob, all the way from the big city. Well the same place as before, but it went from town to city in one big celebratory act.

And what's even more exciting, is that we now have the money to go see what Americans have been up to! Yay! Let's hope they haven't completely degenerated and fill us with disgust.

Naah, I'm sure we'll meet lovely, lovely people, all filled with love and joy and intelligence and advancement! Don't they like call themselves "first world" and whatever rubbish? I hear there's a good chance we might even run into some intelligent people, all civilized and all. In the U.S.? Can't wait to meet these rarities!

Hoorah! My first time traveling to another continent. Shall be fun.

Well the money we collected from the city-becoming celebrations are actually just for the sport kids who are going on their tennis tour. Father has to pay for us.

But we worked there too!! Oh, right, that was to fund Harrison. I forgot Father had to do it for his son.

But anyway, Father is going to pay for me and the rest of our family and we shall all see lovely America! Should be a jolly good.

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