(Amazing video) Flying Lion: Buffalo Launches Predator up Into The Air

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Unlike humans, animals exist guided by instinct. Each species go about foraging for food, however, in times of food scarcity, some take roles as predators and the victims as preys. Let's view the following videos to prove my point.

Survival of the fittest

Animals and creatures that roamed the forest are of various shapes and sizes. They're group into species, each species with unique characteristics and adaptability to live and prosper in their environment. During days of plenty, the forest hums with harmony because they are full, satisfied and contented. However, during bad times, especially during winter, after typhoons, drought, etc. the law of the jungle comes into play. Predators hunt preys for food ending usually in a battle for survival.
SOURCE: 3-meter mountain python struggles to swallow a deer. Photo taken in Africa/ URL-http://todayswhisper.com/snakes-and-their-victims

Saving his bloodline

THIS lion was flipped five metres into the air by a buffalo in the Kruger National Park, South Africa. The buffalo bull was conducting a daring rescue mission in a bid to save his friend from certain death. Two young lions had been silently stalking the buffalo for about 45 minutes when one finally made its move. But the predator was so focused on bringing down his prey that it left itself open to a surprise attack. The astonishing images were captured by Ian Matheson, 52, during an early morning game drive with his son Oliver, 16, and two of Oliver's friends in the Mjejane Reserve on the border of the Kruger Park. Amazingly all of the animals walked away from the encounter with no major injuries, except perhaps some bruised egos on the lion's part.
SOURCE: Courtesy of Barcroft TV/http://youtu.be/EpnERlsfBFc

How and why animals fight

For your entertainment this video is a collection of 6 pairs of different species of animals caught, courtesy of kind videographers, in the midst of battle for food, control of territory, self-preservation, others:

  • Lions vs Elephant > Intimidated, the lions run for their lives, driven by the huge elephant as it flaps its ears in the process.
  • Croc vs Cat > Small but terrible cat meows loudly, makes catpaws menacingly towards its adversary the Croc who folded up and made a hasty retreat.
  • Anaconda vs Croc > The snake coils itself hard around the Croc to break bones and soften everything before swallowing the prey.
  • Eagle vs Wolf > Eagle was a wise one, dangling a bait at its feet, so baby wolf followed only to be picked and clawed by the airborne bird.
  • Leopard vs Jackal > They quarreled over a prize catch, which leopard wants to lord it over. so it resulted into a hotly contested duel, biting, clawing, with the two rolling and rolling over. Finally the Leopard emerges victor.
  • Leopard vs Hyena > With a scratch of just a paw from the Leopard, the Hyena though exibiting fighting form scampered away to safety.

SOURCE: Video-YouTube.com/Biggest wild animal fights!/thimiosk kiriakou/https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=LTlv360UC5w

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
2nd Aug 2014 (#)

Amazing videos, thanks N.C. Radomes - they fight to survive but we kill for other reasons too! siva

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
3rd Aug 2014 (#)

Yes, amazing videos indeed N.C
Bless you

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author avatar n.c.radomes
4th Aug 2014 (#)

MARK, thanks a lot for the moderation.
SIVA, your comment is appreciated.
STELLA, thanks for the praise.

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
7th Aug 2014 (#)

In the first image -- pretty sure that is NOT a hamster. Maybe it is a goat? A hamster is about the size of a mouse -- smaller than a large rat. I can't see the head of the animal, but I would think it's a goat or something like that.

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author avatar n.c.radomes
9th Aug 2014 (#)

The correction is appreciated. Thanks Phyl.

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author avatar n.c.radomes
20th Aug 2014 (#)

MARK, thanks for classifying this into the starpage.
PHY, re identity of animal in first video. It's a deer according to the source.

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