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Hi everyone! Today, I would like to bring you a very interesting experience I had in Africa. This is the summary of the most interesting parts. Enjoy

African adventure begins

My initial intentions were to visit South Africa right after Kenya and the village of Koraro, but visiting that one place made me change my mind completely. I could already see myself spending quite some time here in Africa but for the time being I was convinced I had enough of safari trips despite having had only one during this summer. Naturally my next trip to South Africa wasn’t going to be as direct as you would like to think. Instead, I thought of stopping in as many places as I could, and seeing as I planned to stay in this continent for at least a month I wouldn’t want to miss all these experiences the place had to offer and head straight for a big rich city. My first stop was Malawi, also known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’, and named after the hearts of all its citizens, and similar to my last visit to Koraro village the people were extremely friendly.

Perhaps it was the fact that I was an international visiting their region but each and every single citizen ran towards me to shake my hand and green me. A phrase they would use was “chikondi chilli mamanja” which upon asking what it means, it roughly translated that ‘love is in our hands and so we shake our hands together’. When I first heard of the explanation I felt so satisfied and full of goosebumps I decided to spend more time around the city. I remember reading about an article that explained how to understand a culture by the way people walk. It said that the pace that people walk at is very much correlated to how much they value time, both individually and culturally as a group; and that walking slower was an indicator that you value your time in the sense that you do not rush to your goals but rather are peaceful at completing your tasks or whatever aims you have.

The people of the town seemed to walk very slowly as well as in a calm and peaceful manner; I began to understand more about patience and peacefulness as good and valuable virtues. offered to take him with me. He sugested that if I was going to be spending the night in this city, the least I should do is visit Lake Malawi which was not too far from where I was so I took him up on the offer and we decided that tomorrow we would head out to the lake. Come tomorrow I got into my jeep and we headed out for the lake. The tour guide was much younger than me, perhaps in his mid­20s but he didn’t very well know the way around this town as he was passing by just like me. To my satisfaction, he turned out to be a tech. savy guy as he took out his navigation sdk which according to him was some kind of an application very similar to a regular GPS but highly customizable. Naturally I wanted to know more about it as I would have liked to have been the one teaching him lessons instead of the other way around, but what can you do when you are as old as me competing against someone as young as him.

We soon arrived to Lake Malawi which I found out was one of the biggest lakes in the world and also the first ever freshwater lake that was turned into a national park. The view was extraordinary and so were the people. We sat at a restaurant that was known for its specialty fish known as Chambo fish, which lucky for me could be found in only one lake in the entire world:

Lake Malawi. The taste was very interesting for a fish, it was sweet yet tangy at the same time and one of the best dishes I have ever tasted. Unlucky for me though, I would start to crave that fish later on only to realize that that is the only place I would ever find it. I felt like I was high on life and I even contemplated hanging out around the town for a couple more days, but I didn’t want to let my new friend go it alone onto the next city. We finally got back to the town later that night and prepared our inventory for the next trip.


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23rd Jul 2015 (#)

Interesting to know that one can find meaning in simple pleasures anywhere in the world. Thanks for this share Emily - siva

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23rd Jul 2015 (#)

Great share, Emily. Keep up the good work.

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