A visit to Kumbh mela!

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Once in a lifetime, a visit to Kumbh mela in Uttar Pradesh in India, and bathing in sangam,a confluence of 3 rivers, gives you salvation,whatever be the religion you practise.

Kumbh mela visit can help you attain salvation!

The Kumbh derives its name from the pot of nectar (of immortality) . Kumbh in sanskrit means pot. Therefore Kumbh mela provides you an opportunity to a divine path to salvation with the divine rivers Ganga, Jamuna,, Saraswati amongst others a framework for the Hindu way of life along with it a chance to see millions of Saints congregrated at one place along with shaven headed men performing rituals for their departed, the Naga sadhus who are totally bare bodied and thousands of other mendicants , tourists, visitors who form the most prominent visual feature of the Kumbh mela

The Kumbh mela maha snan happens on 14th April 2010. Haridwar is the recommended spot for the ritual because it is the first town where the sacred river Ganga touches the plain after emerging from the Himalayas.
The Kumbh mela is held every three years. Purna kumbh every twelve years and the Maha Kumbh after every144 years. When Jupiter enters aquirius and the Sun enters Aries the universe and the stars on that day conjure to connect so resplendently that the resounding after effects can only be felt in those places. You have got to be there to believe this. No amount of pages can describe the total effect of the day when the kumbh happens. The feeling and aura can be best understood when one is present in person. It is not only the Hindus but everyone else who come to attend the kumbh go back with delightful experience which they had never felt before. An 80 year old American lady named Holly Tiffins had visited the Allahabad Kumbh mela in the year 2001 which was attended by more than 30 million people. She fell and appeared to have fractured her ankle joints.She limped all the way to the Sangam, a spot where three rivers converge. After taking her ritual bath she felt fresh. Next morning she walked all the way to the main road to take her connection to Delhi. Such is the faith.She visits the Kumbh every year. She is now 90 years old.
The Belief that very long ago the fight between demi-gods and the demons resulted in a truce that they would both get together and churn the sea to get the nectar. The Hindu God Vishnu knew that the demons would misuse the nectar and will become immortal asked his disciple to collect the shud (pure) nectar in a pot. Whilst carrying the pot few drops of the holy nectar fell off in 3 – 4 spots which are now the cities of Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nasik. Hindu saint Shankaracharya popularised the kumbh tradition in the eight century immediately after the Chinese traveller Huang Tsang called it as an “ageless bathing tradition”.
Whatever the religious connotations the festival of Kumbh may shape in your sensibility- one thing is for sure. If you have witnessed the Kumbh mela then you need not go anywhere anymore. It is an unexplained magical experience of one’s lifetime. Kumbh Mela may be over but the place where the Kumbh takes place each year can be visited any time of the year. For the Europeans and the Americans, the best time would be between November and February. Incredible India. Jai Ho!


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