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Normally people are adviced not to visit Goa during the monsoons, but I think people should only come during the monsoons and experience true Goan beauty

Hey!! Its raining.....

Rain Rain go away, come again another day..... this was a rhyme taught to us in school a long time ago. As I grew up though, I often felt that a true Goan would perhaps like to rephrase this poem and say......Rain, Rain come today...... We would love to see you everyday!!
There would be a lot of pessimist who would grumble about it being wet and dull during the monsoon but from where I stand....... I only see the lovely shades of green and blues that are apparent everywhere. The fields all around stand tall proudly, as if challenging you to find fault with their colours. There are a lot of farmers working in their fields, promising you that,come rain or shine they will work hard to ensure you get your daily bread. There is so much laughter amoung them as they share their joys with their co workers, there is much gaiety as they run and try to take shelter under the trees as the clouds open up and send forth a shower to soften the earth.They look up at the tree and admire God's creation as all the trees are filled with leaves and those too of so many different colours of green and brown and red. Sometimes if they are really lucky, they would even view a magnificient rainbow!!
It is true that rainbows are often seen after a storm but here in Goa, we are priviledged to see one peeking at us even after a really heavy shower. It feels as though the Gods were specially pleased with us and would like to present to us a display of all the colours of nature.It also makes one wonder if the myth about the pot of gold lying at the end of the rainbow is really true..... imagine a faiery just waiting for you in the corner of your garden with that pot!!
As children we would love to put on our new raincoats and just splash about in the puddles or make paper boats and see them gliding through the drains..... as an adult though I also love to sit in the car and splash all my friends so that they do not forget the joys of childhood!!
Monsoon brings with it not just colour but new life too. It is the time when catipillars turn into beautiful butterflies..... it is a time when lifeless plants suddenly sprouts up with new shoots, It is a time when one can see waterfalls wherever there are hills, It is a time when you just want to cozy up with your sweetheart and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate watching the rain splatter on your window sill.......
During monsoons, everything seems right with the world. There is water aplenty, there is a vareity of vegetables and fruits to choose from and there is lot of quiet time to share with your loved ones........
So the next time you think to come to Goa..... try coming between june through September and enjoy the goodness of nature!!


Monsoon In Goa

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