A plane trip is no more fun!

Mahesh Golani By Mahesh Golani, 6th Mar 2011 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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flying on a plane was always fun. But now a days- Its a boring adventure

Travelling on a plane can be best avoided these days, if there is a better option

Why on earth are rules framed? If friends, there were no rules and regulations to govern the planet then, probably, there will be anarchy. No! discipline means you have the freedom to do just whatever you want to do without caring for others. Yes! I am just talking about this lack of indiscipline which some people, especially the Asians, take immense pleasure in. And where my dear friends?Well, I am talking about the aeroplanes – yes, on flights.
It all starts with this funny situation of body scans at the airports. The way the security people search and feel the body, I almost get a hard on. There is nothing left to imagination. In China at Konmein airport – the lady security guard double checked my genitals. She probably found something amiss. God! bless her.
I have never known people to value freedom more than the Asians, Africans and some people from Eastern Europe. Freedom from wearing seat belts, freedom from placing the seat backs and tray tables back into upright positions, freedom from listening to any warning about remaining in the seats during takeoff, and landing, about not using the toilet at a certain time, freedom from obeying any luggage restrictions or warnings about using mobile phones.
Of course with some people it hurts to obey certain rules – which are actually framed to make everyone’s life easier. But it hit me like an epiphany on my long flight from Dubai to Mumbai. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, and the very early start of the flight which reduced my tolerance, but every single person around me seemed to be psychologically incapable of doing what they were told- starting from the departure lounge itself. Supposedly highly educated, urbane, technologically adept young men sporting mobile phone headsets and carrying perhaps laptops, elegant and no doubt morally upright women, mothers, fathers, children, foreigners (all types), human beings- all transforming into desperadoes before my very own eyes, desperate to get that one inch closer to the departure gate when the flight was announced., bringing out their well trained and sharpened elbows to wedge into the mythical spot just ahead, some vague and opaque and presumably ancient fear blossoming in their collective minds that told them against all reason and logic that maybe, if they don’t get on the flight right now, even though it has just been announced for boarding and isn’t going anywhere for at least another forty five minutes, then the plane might leave them behind and they will be stranded.


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author avatar deepa venkitesh
18th May 2011 (#)

I am scared of flying on a plane, oh dear!

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