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A look at Puerto Rico's Culture, Old San Juan, American influence, Spaniard Influence, and its amazing rainforest.


Puerto Rico is a tiny tropical Island 100 miles long by 35 miles wide. It is a beautiful paradise surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The smallness of the Island allows for the ocean breeze to sift through its mountains and cities with a welcoming blow. From an airplane you can enjoy the height of its mountains covered in green vegetation. If you fly in at night, the lights in the city map out its borders and signal its life.

Puerto Rico is culturally influenced by its discovery roots of Christopher Columbus country, Spain. There are buildings, castles, and great language influence that remind us each day of its beautiful influences. In the 1900, United States came in and took over. We are considered a Commonwealth State, not fully a state like the others. However, English is part of our upbringing, and is taught as our second language.

The American influence can be seen in construction, retail, vehicles, fast food chains, and English language. Americans brought in Manufacturing plants, government influence, and social changes. Benefits of a commonwealth are appreciated throughout its citizens.

In all, Puerto Rico mainly speaks Spanish. Cultural influences of Catholicism is the biggest one practiced and observed. One of the main cities, its capital, San Juan, still bears the giant fort San Felipe del Morro. It was built as a place for soldiers to live, food accumulation, look out from enemies, and protection of its citizens. It is an immense structure that still stands over 500 years later. It continues to be a tourist attraction for its history, cultural influence, and magnificent structural architecture.

Old San Juan is a must see. The city was built over 500 years ago during the Spaniard occupation, right along its fort, and it is the welcoming sight at the entrance to the San Juan Bay. The original pavement of “adoquines” or cobblestone is still in place. The governor’s home is in Old San Juan. They call his home “La Fortaleza” or The Fortress. It was built in the early 1500’s and it’s still in use today. Another great site to visit is The Cathedral of San Juan Bautista. It was built in the mid 1500’s and houses the tomb of Juan Ponce de Leon.

El Yunque - A Tropical Rainforest

Continuing a view of Puerto Rico, the next place that is unique and beautiful is “El Yunque”, our own rain forest. It is located in the North East portion of the Island. The forest can be visited by vehicle. The drive is made through twists and turns as the mountain is traveled upward. There are stops along the way were the vehicle can be parked, walk a bit, and enjoy the view.

At the stops, you can walk to the side of the mountain and peek at the East silhouette of the Island which is accented by the lining of the vast Atlantic Ocean. Along with the coastal view, the surrounding mountains and cities below can be seen at a distance. A great pair of binoculars will do great justice to the view in sight.

There are hiking trails for the adventurer at heart. One of the hikes is downhill, with steps along the way that lead to “La Coca Falls”. The impressive falls are a natural source of water that has sifted through the mountains from the rain and dew. As it travels down, the waters gather and form small streams. These streams gather and end in the beautiful falls. The majestic La Coca falls drop into a natural pool of water that continues down the mountain as a stream surrounded by stones. Once there, you can enjoy swimming in the natural pool area.

If you are lucky, you may get to see our own Wild Parrot, in Spanish we refer to them as "Cotorras." These feathered natives portray unique beauty of colors that are bright, including blue, green, and red/orange.

The rain forest is full of giant vegetation. You will be amazed by the size of the leaves and bamboo shoots. Anywhere you drive, walk,or sit, you will be able to enjoy the gigantic leaves that grow in this natural beauty.

To the side of the mountain, nature has carved the face of an Indian. Indian legend states that the good spirit 'Yuquiyu' reigned on this mountain-top and protected Boriquen (Indian name before it was named Puerto Rico by the Spaniards) and its people." It is believed that in the forest, the Taino Indians found refuge from the attacks of other neighboring Islands Native Indians.


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16th Aug 2014 (#)

Puerto Rico would be a great place to visit.

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16th Aug 2014 (#)

It is filled with cultural history and unique beauty.

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16th Aug 2014 (#)

Indeed, but make sure not to promote within travel agents and tour operators. Otherwise, it´s natural beauty will be finished.

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19th Aug 2014 (#)

YOu are correct.

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