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Mombasa (my hometown) is doing badly.Tourism is down and most people have been retrenched.

Many Changes

This last weekend,I went back to my second home,Mombasa.I stayed and worked here for five good years.It is the city where my nephew was born,at the Mombasa Hospital though he now pretends he can't understand or speak the native language.For those who have not been there,this is a hospital that is built by the sea front,and most of the patients' wards face the sea.I was in North Coast,a place I have not visited for the last ten years.The changes and developments are amazing;I had to ask my friend for directions.
You can't blame me because the last time I was in Mombasa was in 2005.The city mall was not there;there was only one branch of Nakumatt Supermarket,the one at Likoni.Of course,the old beach hotels are still around.The roads have not improved much,but nearly every so-called big boss has a car.

Extra Changes

I must say the economy looks bad for coastal people,infact worse than it was during the land clashes.I rarely saw any tourist,which explains why many people have been retrenched and hotels closed.I took a jog along the beach in my tight swimming costume,trying to relive what I used to do more that ten years ago.Then there were many tourists and I was a body builder weighing 120 kilos,mostly muscle.Now I am a mere 100kg and not very muscular.But I enjoyed the jog all the same.
I also noticed the beach boys were suffering.I remember those days they were all over the place having learned some little German and Italian just to get by.The only place I saw 'mzungus' (white people) was in Mtwapa.I was also shocked by how the place has grown,complete with a number of banks.I was told that Mtwapa alone has more money transfer services than most big cities like Kisumu.

Night Life

This is where you find retired,old white men enjoying the last phases of their lives.Most have married women younger than their granddaughters.The money transfer centres are conduits through which they receive their hard earned pensions from their home countries.
I actually admire them,since I think this can be the best retirement package for any old man.I had visited the seaside town,not for monkey business,but to eat tafi (tuna fish),also known as the chicken of the sea.When in Mombasa,I have it for breakfast,lunch and dinner.I also explored the night life to try and find out if the place is as vibrant as it was during our days.I noticed that night life has been negatively affected by the Al-Shabaab threats.I was able to visit a famous joint which brought back some memories because during our days,only i and another one particular guy used to drink at the place regularly.I should be visiting here every now and then.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
16th Jan 2015 (#)

Well narrated - sad that few are able to hold the majority to ransom depriving them of their livelihood - siva

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author avatar Harris Mungai
16th Jan 2015 (#)

Thank you Siva.

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author avatar Carol Roach
17th Jan 2015 (#)

terrorism has ruined everything for honest hardworking people

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author avatar Harris Mungai
17th Jan 2015 (#)

Yes,it has,and it is sad that we have to live with such fear.
Thank you for that comment.

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