A Boston Vacation

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First impressions of Boston, MA from a city newbie.


After much delay, and careful decision, I set my mind on trying out the big (yet small) city of Boston Massachusetts. Growing up in the South, there were a few places that were considered large urban cities, but where I was from there was nothing in comparison to what I was about to see.

Before my trip I performed the usual tourist rituals such as purchasing travel guides and maps. Writing down a basic itinerary, I carefully sketched out the must see's and those areas I would just make a large effort to see. Of course, I was still ill prepared for what I would experience, and half of the things I would have love to have seen were sadly missed!

So Many Sites To See!

Boston is an amazing city! While it is smaller in comparison to other large cities, it feels so huge that you wonder if you are getting sucked into the environment around you. It is also a very diverse city as it features a nice bay area along with historical tours and wonderful Museums. One of my main visits was the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. The displays alone sent me reeling, and to see original artwork from some of the true masters was incredible!

My hotel was near one of the Patriotic Trails, and it allowed me in my spare time to walk around and see some incredible sites including an old historical grave yard. With everything in walking distance, it was a nice treat to put the car aside and travel around the city.

Fun Galore!

Being on the Fourth of July week, I was able to see some amazing fireworks as they shot up in the background of an old clock tower. Needless to say, with all the walking I became very hungry and there was no shortage of interesting eating places available to try. Walking in from the rain, I found a really cool pizzeria that had some of the most amazing pizza slices I had ever eaten!

The views were just as incredible, and at night I always had a great time looking out the window and the always active streets. When it was time to leave, I couldn't believe I had only visited a small portion of the sites I had wanted to visit. Having only spent four days there, I resolved to myself that I must return and finish the rest of my original plans.


For those looking for a diverse vacation experience with a mixture of site seeing and history, Boston is definitely for you. It seems impossible to be bored in a place that seems never to sleep, and at each corner there is always something new to try. Prices are a bit more expensive than other areas, so you will want to save up a bit before you go to get the most out of your experience. Restaurants can be some of the larger vacation costs, so make sure to plan your eating ahead of schedule so you won't be surprised by the bill! There is a lot to do in Boston, gather some travel guides before you leave and write down some of the must see sites you want to visit. When you have so much to do in such a small amount of time it pays to be prepared to get the best experience for your money.


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