6 Things That Might Put You Off When You Travel To Ghana

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Travelling to Ghana can be very irritating because you are going to meet people who might not think they way you do. That might be very irritating if you are not really accomodating. Hence, their actions might make your trip not worth it. Thankfully, these ideas can help you remain composed without you being ripped off or even getting frustrated.

6 Things That Might Put You Off When You Go To Ghana

Ten years ago, an American volunteer who came on a visit to Ghana was accommodated at our house right here in Kumasi.

She was very kind and the natives were very kind to her too. She explored a lot of tourist attractions within the city and beyond.

But her views changed after she had toured The Kumasi Zoo. It happened that the tour guide on duty that day had pestered her greatly and that made her very offended.

That gentleman asked that, she gets him a smart phone when she returns back to her country.

This incident got me thinking about things some hiccups that anyone coming to Ghana West Africa for the first time might encounter.

In this piece, I would unravel six of such unpleasant experiences you might bump into when you hit the ground running. I have also added ways of ensuring that you get over it so your trip becomes very memorable and truly rewarding.

Under each subtitle are the things you need to know. Ready? Let’s get started!


When you arrive at the airport at Accra, you will notice that most people will cast admiring glances at you. That shouldn’t make you nervous. Instead, it should tell you that you are admired.

Most people in Ghana admire white-skinned people; and they are happy to meet to spot such persons when they are in town.

Children, women, and adults will wink at you and call you Obroni: Ghanaian word for light-skinned person or someone from The West.

Don’t be annoyed when you are called by that name. Just wave and smile. This is a way of endearing yourself to those admirers.


Just like the story narrated at the outset of this article, you too, might be asked for some very money-sucking favors. Some might ask you to help them secure passports and visas.

Please don’t give in to such demands. One way I suggest you can give back is by donating to an orphanage.

Again, you can sponsor a needy but brilliant student. It takes little thought to decide on how and what to give back. Remember, there’s great joy and blessings in giving!


Don’t be surprised if some people don’t stick to their word. They might agree with you on one thing and change their mind later.
Worse still, if you expect to meet someone at a certain time, that fellow might turn up late and give you some lame excuses.

As a result when someone tells a friend of a meeting or engagement here in Ghana West Africa, he tells that person that the time set is not G.M.T. Want to know what G.M.T stands for? Ghana Man Time!


Don’t allow anyone to help you from dawn to dusk. Some people will do whatever you want them to do with the hope of securing some favors.


The country is not very well planned since the settlements are dispersed. Using a tourist map to find your way to any of Ghana’s tourist destination can be very frustrating.

So all you have to do if you want to go anywhere is to ask. Just ask the locals. Don’t trust any software application that promises to give you accurate descriptions of places you want to visit since things change very often.


Some people believe that all people from The West are very rich. Knowing this, some service providers like taxi drivers, and hotel attendants might want to rip you off. But you need not give in. Try as much as you can to haggle with them and be firm. By doing this, you will get reasonable prices for any service or product you desire!


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Interesting to read that Ghana is no different to many countries I have been to, Traveltoghana. Experienced travellers won't have any problems, but first-time visitors should be cautious about the real prices of goods and services, and about accepting favours.

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