5 Reasons For Getting Vaccine Before Travelling Abroad

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It's best to on the safe side in terms of your travel health and safety, this is normally done through the individual's vaccination requirements....

Travel Vaccination

Before travelling abroad travellers should check in advance, if any specific immunization may be needed for travel, to the region of the world they’re visiting and it’s also the right time to review your immunization history. It is necessary to consult a travel medicine clinic 4 to 6 weeks before travelling; what is a travel medicine clinic? This is a medical office, staffed with both doctors and nurses, who are specially trained in travel and tropical medicine.
The services offered at a travel clinic are:
• Vaccination and pre-travel consultations
• An official vaccine certificate or letter of exception(necessary for entry into certain Countries)
• Necessary prescriptions
• If necessary post-travel medical consultations

The recommended vaccination at a travel medicine clinic are: cholera, malaria, chicken pox, rubella, flu (influenza), hepatitis A and B, measles, polio, tetanus, typhoid fever, yellow fever, mumps, tuberculosis (TB), etc.
Travellers visiting these locations; Spain, Portugal, Africa, South and Central America and Asia are required to take vaccines for hepatitis A and B, typhoid and yellow fever – this is transmitted through mosquito bites in warm climates.
Five reasons why you might need vaccines before traveling abroad are:

1). Malaria prevention: Malaria is a serious infection, which can be fatal; it is spread through mosquito bites, mostly in tropical regions of the world. The main symptoms of malaria are a high fever, muscle pain, headaches, diarrhea and a cough.

2). Checking immunization: Reviewing your immunization records before traveling is very important; this can be done at your GP or at a travel medicine clinic.

3). Long term travel plans: An individual’s health risks will be different if travelling over a long period compared to that of a short-term traveler. If you’re planning to study or work abroad, you might require vaccination.

4). Planning to receive medical care abroad: This is referred to as medical tourism, before travelling for medical reasons remember to consult your travel health clinic, vaccination might be required.

5).General travel health and safety: an International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card) is recommended before travelling to certain Countries or some other proof that you took certain medical test before entering or leaving their Country. To be certain you can always check the specific Country information or contact the foreign embassy of the Country to be visited.


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