15 Most Beautiful Cities, Tourist Loving And UNESCO Heritage Site In The World (5-1)

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This is the final edition of the series on the most beautiful cities. We have come a long way and scanning through wonderful and mouth watering sites which are good for tourists. And in the last two episodes, we made mention of 10 nice places around the world which are very attractive. In this episode, we will discuss the final 5 places. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as we navigate the world.

Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

15 Most Beautiful Cities, Tourist Loving And UNESCO Heritage Sites In The World (15-11)
15 Most Beautiful Cities, Tourist Loving And UNESCO Heritage Sites In The World (10-6)

Rio de Janeiro is an excellent center for research, education, business and economic growth. It is known for its religious make up and all these contribute to tourist structures available for site seeing when in Brazil. It also has the largest conglomerate of media and communications companies in Latin America with an average of annual income of about $200 Billion. Rio de Janeiro is a very lovely place to visit and you will definitely see sites like this:
1. corcovado Mountain
2. Plataforma samba show
3. Tijuca Rain Forest
4. Sugar Loaf Mountain
5. Beautiful sepetiba Bay
6. Guanabara Bay
7. Copucabana Small
8. Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden
9. Christ Redeemer statue and many more.

Geneva (Switzerland)

Geneva is the most administrative and the most diplomatic city in Europe. It is a center for lots of international Organizations and hence considered a global city. It is renowned for its cosmopolitan nature, peaceful serenity and with the third-highest quality of Life in the world. There are places to see such as:

1. Chamonix and Mont Blanc
2. Gruyeres with its Golden Panoramic express Train
3. Lausanne, Montreux, Chateau de chillon and Nyon city
4. United Nations in Avenue de la pix
5. The Lake (The Jet d'eau, The Promenades, The Bans des paquis and the Grant Flower Clock)
6. Rousseau Island in pont des Bergues
7. Batiment Des Forces Motrices
8. Saint Peter's Cathedral in Cour Saint-Pierre
9. The Russian Church in Rue Toepffer
10. The Grand Opera Theatre and many more

Switzerland is actually a place to be and not just visit but live for a while. Coming to Europe isn't complete without visiting Geneva.

Tokyo (Japan)

Tokyo is the largest Metropolitan area in the world and one of the three "Command centers of world economy" alongside New York and London. Voted as the most livable city in the world with unbelievable, mind blowing sites to watch and admire. Places like the Akihabara Electric District been the largest electric district in the world are simply breath taking. Sites to look for when in Tokyo are:

1. Nikko National Park
2. Tokyo Studio Ghibli Museum
3. Kamakura
4. Tsukiji FIsh Market
5. Akihabara district for electronics and Otaku goods
6. Koishikawa Korakuen
7. Imperial Palace
8. Yoyogi park
9. Sensoji Temple
10. Tokyo Disney sea and Disneyland
11. Japan folk crafts Museum
12. Sword Museum
13. Roppingi Hills and many more

Tokyo is one of the major sites of Asia to see. You visit Tokyo, you visit Asian technology, so be there.

Rome (Italy)

Also known as the eternal city is termed a global city with awesome ancient strategic and very beautiful tourist sites. It is the technological and modern version of Egypt and hence can be seen as the "Egypt" of Europe. It is the 3rd most visited city in the European Union and 11th in the world. Rome is littered but spiced with lots of tourist attraction, beautiful landscape and prestigious geographical structures. The Vatican Museums, Colosseum and Cathedrals are amongst the most visited in the world. Some of these sites are:

1. St. Peter's Cathedral
2. Pompeli and Amalfi Coast villages
3. Tuscany and Val d'Orcia regions; Villa d'Este, Hadrian's Villa, Naples, Sorrento and Capri cities.
4. Romes Angels and Demons
5. Piazza Navona and Trevi fountain
6. Catacombs and roman countryside
7. Rome's Tiber river
8. Civitavecchia shore
9. Ancient Ostia
10. Trastevere and rome's Jewsih ghetto
11. catacombs countryside
12. Ancient Rome and colosseum underground chambers, Arena and Upper tier
13. The Capitoline Hill
14. Baths of Diocletian and Caracalla
15. Trajan's Market
16. National Gallery of modern Art
17. Santa croce in Gerusalemme
18. Fontana delle Tartarughe

The ancient city of history, arts, culture and beauty all combined in one is something everyone would want to see.

Paris (France)

A global city, most livable, the greenest, one of the leading cities in global economy and a center for arts, science, fashion, media, politics, entertainment and culture. A center for most international organizations and known to be a city of Love. It is very liberal, accommodating and most importantly, very attractive with thousands of breath-taking sites to visit. Paris is said to possess 3,800 historical monuments with four UNESCO world Heritage sites. Is this not unbelievable? These are but a few to the sites you can see in paris:

1. Moulin Rounge show
2. Eiffel Tower
3. Seine River
4. Louvre Museum
5. Giverny and Louis XIV's palace of versailles
6. Fairytale Island of mount saint Michel off the coast of Normandy
7. Loire Valley Castles
8. Chambora
9. Cheverny
10. Chenoncean
11. Disneyland paris
12. Giverny and Monet
13. La Marina de Paris
14. St Malo region
15. Mont St. Michel region
16. Chateaux country
17. Montmartre
18. Sacre coeur
19. Barbizon
20. Fontaineblean
21. Vaux le vicoute
22. Arc de Triomphe
23. Notre Dame Cathedral
24. Grande Arche
25. The Louvre
26. The stade de France
27. Musee d'Orsay
28. Basilique de saint Denis and many more

France is just the place to be and if you are a tourist or loves traveling and have never been to France, sorry to say, you are yet to see a global city.

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