10 Things You Must Bring When Travelling

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Aside from money which is of course the most important stuff to bring, here are my top ten must-haves when traveling:

10 Things You Must Bring When Travelling

So far this whole year of 2010, I have had 11 travels around the country with friends. It is November and I still have 2 more trips on my list.

In our monthly trip, there is one common thing I have noticed. Especially for outdoor trips, packing of things is always the same. Aside from money which is of course the most important stuff to bring, here are my top ten must-haves when traveling:

1. Bag. This includes ziploc bags for the wet towel or any wet stuff you had in your trip. It is also very handy for food storage. A good size back pack is also a must. It is more convenient during the travel if you have one back pack.

2. Extra clothes. To travel light is a virtue as they say. This does not mean, we compromise bringing extra clothes. Each trip is a whole new adventure so we do not know exactly what would really happen. You might crash into an unexpected formal event or a pool party, so you have to bring at least something that would make you casually fit in any event. That also includes clothes suitable for the weather.

3. Enough water. Aside from the fact that our body needs to have enough water especially while going outdoors, it is also one way to cut a little cost. Normally, anything sold at the terminal stations is more expensive than those in other stores.

4. Food. I personally recommend bringing of light foods like biscuits, cookies, or sandwiches. During our trips, we always skip eating because we were always in a hurry. Besides, it is normal that when we enjoy what we do, we could just forget eating. It always happened to us. I have learned my lessons.

5. Sunblock lotion. These days, it is no longer safe to stay under the sun unprotected. It is good to be always ready.

6. Toiletries. You can’t afford to mess the fun by being disturbed anytime the nature calls. Toilet paper, soap, hand sanitizer and alcohol are a must-bring items whenever you go outdoors. When we had a 4-day trip and sight-seeing in 4 different places in Mindanao, we even brought with us adult size diapers. It’s funny but it was worth it. We haven’t touched a piece though.

7. Towel. It is a must to bring a towel especially if you are not staying in hotels or cottages. Though hotels provide towels, I prefer to bring my own for hygiene sake. For more convenience, it is still best to bring a quick-drying travel towel.

8. Head gear. Another form of protection from sun exposure, I always have at least a cap.

9. Sunglasses. Well, the sun is the undeniably the worst culprit during outdoor trips and travels. The only way we can protect ourselves and not miss the fun is to bring a pair of sunglasses.

10. Electronic gadgets. Going to different places could sometimes eat much of the time. You need to keep yourself in the mood by avoiding the chance of being bored. One of which is listening to music. So, you need to be always ready no matter what. You also need to bring your mobile phone wherever you go. For emergency and entertainment purposes.


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author avatar Denise O
9th Feb 2011 (#)

Looks like you covered all the bases. Good read.
Thank you for sharing.:)

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