10 Important things to know before you traveling to Australia

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Travel is great. But you need to be careful while travelling. Things to keep in mind while travelling.

10 Important things to know before you traveling to Australia

Australia is a beautiful country to visit. If you are planning to go there on vacation, you need to decide what sights you’ll want to see and which cities you want to visit. Doing some research before getting started with your trip can really be helpful. However, if you need help with planning your visit to Australia, Charter North Tours can help in creating an itinerary to suit your travel needs. Even so, here are some interesting things you need to know about Australia that could help inform you travel itinerary:

1. The largest part of Australia is a desert
Two thirds of Australia’s land mass is desert. It is the driest continent on earth that is inhabited by people. It is not only the smallest continent located on the lowest parts of the earth, it is also the flattest of all the continents. In Australia, you will not find what most people refer to as mountains. The highest peak is on the snowy Kosciusko mountains and is the most dangerous peak to climb due to its icy conditions.

2. The oldest rainforest is found in Australia
In Australia, you will find the Daintree. This is not only a breathtaking scene to behold but is also the oldest rainforest to be found in the world. The Daintree forest is 130 million old. Visiting it will enable you experience ancient wisdom from its trees.

3. Distances are not only long, they are empty too
Drives through Australia can be long as well as empty. The same applies to flights. It takes 5 hours to fly from the east coast to the west coast. However, if you are driving through Australia’s vast lands, taking a closer look can enable you to see so much life.

4. Crocodiles dominate the Northern Frontier
Crocodiles rule the north. I this part of Australia, you’ll find numerous crocodiles which means, you are safe avoiding swimming in rivers. In the Kakadu region alone, the population of crocodiles has reached 10000. It is worth noting that Australia has the largest population of salt water crocodiles in the world.

5. Unique plant species
Majority of the exotic flora and fauna in Australia are not found in any other places in the world. Out of the more than 800 species available in this continent, an estimate 300 do not occur in any other country in the world. Gum trees are valued in Australia and define the country’s identity. Their smell and sights define the Australian life.

6. Road trip adventure
When travelling by road in Australia, there is a huge amount adventure that you will have grinding down the gravel sandy roads that can only be accessed using 4-wheel drive vehicles. As the oldest living civilization in the globe, there is so much to learn for anyone who opts to spend time on the road.

7. Home of Marsupials
Australia is home to majority of marsupials in the world. In this country, you will find macropods, also known as big-footed marsupials including Kangaroos. There are about 60 species of macropods in Australia. If you go on road trips around the country, you will meet so many Kangaroos particularly if you travel to the Carnarvon Gorge.

8. Beautiful Birds
Australia is home to numerous beautiful bird species. The curlew bird is extremely captivating to see though it is known to make an eerie cackling sound at night. You will get to see the crows as well and enjoy their amazing appearance. However, it is worth noting that in Australia, feeding birds can be a dangerous thing. In some locations such as Sydney’s Circular Quay eating something without having a seagull swoop it. As such, avoid feeding the birds, and leave them to fish as they should.

9. Australian Beaches
Beach life is extremely important to the people of Australia and surf lifeguards in this part of the world are revered. The country have over 10,000 beaches and more than 8,000 islands. If you want to experience the beauty of beaches, it is advisable to visit Western Australia. This region is popular for its beautiful beaches. In fact, when photos are taken on these beaches, it is often thought that color has been added to the photos but it is just how the beaches look naturally.

10. Australia is a sporting nation
Australia is largely a sporting country and despite its low population, the country performs significantly well on the global sporting platform. But this should not make you think that the weather is always favorable to support sporting activities. The fact is, it can get extremely cold in Australia. In fact, it snows in some regions such as Queensland and Tasmania. If you want to experience more of snowing moments, you might want to include a trip to Bunya Mountains in your itinerary.


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