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Buying a house in France can be quirky, so it's a good idea to know some of the quirks.
No trip to Jamaica would be complete without a visit to Dunn's River Falls.
Tenerife is the largest of Spain's Canary Islands, and draws visitors from across the globe every year for its cynically outstanding landscapes, friendly residents, warm temperatures and delicious food. It is also home to one of Spain's most spectacular attractions, Mount Teide, which...
Faraday Porteur electric bicycle, and following a successful Kickstarter campaign started 3 years back, right now the e bike hit the market. The e-bike available in British racing green and classic white.
Hereford Cathedral is not the largest or grandest in England, but it is well worth a visit, not least to view the remarakable Chained Library and Mappa Mundi
This northern city offers stunning views, great gastronomy and one of the best a more affordable day spas.
If you are thinking about travelling somewhere, this article about my hometown might give you ideas. Anyway, it would be great to welcome all of you to my beloved home.
Have you ever wanted to find a set from your favourite movie? Well, now we finally have a chance! I guide you through the hotels where they filmed many movie classics.
A Train Journey is so different from a flight! I realized it quite recently when I had a train journey after a long gap of 6/7 years(apart from some local rides) and had been flying in between. Some interesting observations.
This is a short piece on how best to keep safe when you travel to Ghana.
Ensure your kids are safe and happy on a long family road trip with a little prior planning.
The recent German airliner crash reveals a need for better cabin protection. I have an answer!
Former Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper Charlie Hanger spoke about arresting Tim McVeigh at the memorial in 2006.
I haven’t been to many places here in the Philippines – so before I travel outside of my fatherland, I want to travel Philippines. And experience the nature – to finally say “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.
This article was published in a southern Ontario newspaper. It was the first article I wrote for the newspaper talking about my trip to Alvinston to see my friends.
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