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There are lots of lies many people have told about Ghana; and this piece seeks to clear the air and provide ways travelers to Ghana can see the country in a positive light. As you read, you will get to know about them.
Sri Lanka has always been a country with rich history and culture. This article talks about some of the most famous historical sites for travelers who are about to visit Sri Lanka.
The monument to Prince Albert in Kensington Gardens, London, is one of the finest and most elaborate to be found anywhere in the country, let alone London. It is a splendid piece of Victoriana that is as much a memorial to the spirit of that age as it is of the Prince himself. It comp...
A funny story involving a learning opportunity from a 'false friend' in the Dutch language
Trimbak ! The Maharashtrian province primarily a celebrated place of its kind in the Hindu Mythology largely known to the world as Trimbakeswar, thats by the name of the Temple with a very strong Hindu connotation, and while looking deep into the locals' lives we still search for the ...
It is very proposed that you invest sooner or later inspecting the local sustenance of Thailand as you may be shocked at exactly how delightful and balanced it is.
The history of Madronia Cemetery and the people buried in Saratoga CA
Even before he became King of England, Richard I (1157 – 1199) was known as Richard The Lionheart and Richard Coeur de Lion due to his reputation as a great military leader and courageous warrior. A statue of Richard The Lionheart stands in the forecourt of Britain's Parliament buil...
Save money and hassle making a long distance trip.
Košice is Slovakia's second city after its capital Bratislava. After centuries as a major trading post, Košice suffered a steep decline during the two World Wars followed by 50 years of communist austerity. Then, in 2008, Košice was designated the European Capital of Culture for ...
It is a thrilling experience to gather when one visits ayodhya hills .When one sees the hills from a distant place,it looks like a small hill.When one goes near it,it is really large.The ayodhya hills are a part of dalma range which spreads over three states ,namely West bengal, Jh...
How easy is it to be an expat? From this series apparently not that easy, even if the will and desire are there. Going to live in a foreign land as a result of a job transfer or for education is one thing, but how about from one’s own accord with limited finances in retirement? Take...
On the streets of Granada I cannot keep my nose out of other people's business.
Cades Cove is nestled within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It offers visitors an idyllic view of life as the pioneers saw it.
When a family outing to a local Game Reserve becomes a race for survival, out-smarting a 12ft raging bull elephant.
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